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Enjoy the Home Party @ Versailles

8:00 I ate completely breakfast – 2 croissants & 1 bread & coffee.

8:30 I left hostel for “Pigalles,” where I took ⑫ to St. Lazare.

8:49 Fortunately, I could find a train and get on. It was kinda rapid train.

9:15 I was in “Gare Rive – Drite,” which is countyside cuz of distance from Paris.

9:30 At first, I was surprised at # of bus, which is just for tourist.

I enjoyed everything available w/ a combo ticket.

15:30 I was back to St. Lazare. I have four hours left for meeting Antoine. So I go to “Charles de Garlle Etolla” and then “Tower Eiffel.”

19:30 I met easily him and add two were friends. Let’s go to his house, which is located far away from in-de Paris by just one station. But it’s very great one. Moreover, 2 more guys added our crows. I enjoyed drinking red wines and eating cheese and bucket.

23:45 I left his home.

24:30 I was in hostel.



  by tkpsu | 2005-09-03 09:08 | NY & Europe Journey

Round the First Place in Europe @ Paris

I arrive at Paris De Gauule at 10:00am.

14:45 Arrival at CDG. I never went to the restroom on the airplane. So, as soon as landing, I went there. Fortunately, the entrance for non-French was pretty easy. I didn’t have to show DS-2019.

When I found easily RER-B for Paris, I got on it.

I was in Gare du Nord. To my surprise, # of passengers is similar to that in Shinjuku Station. All I cared about is to focus on my backpack when walking. Da map in mind led me to around hostel, but I didn’t find it at first. When I looked for it w/ da specific map, I found it. At the same time as check-in, I paid for fee, $92-.

This hostel also is beautiful, especially in the bathroom. I borrowed sheets & towel. After taking shower & changing clothes, I sent e-mail to my sister. Unfortunately, I can’t type & read Japanese.

I went back to Nord cuz I had to make some reservations of Eurail Pass. Smth bad happened to me, that is, I can’t reserve trains in Italy & Spain. Specifically speaking, even when I get on/off a station in Paris. I can make the reservation. For instance, I bought a ticket from Barcelona Sants to Paris Austeritz.

6:30 I’m done. I took subway to Montparnasse. I bought a special pass of Versailess, 21.10 euro.

I went up to Tower Montparnasse. I was there until 9pm. I saw everything in Paris.

  by tkpsu | 2005-09-02 09:07 | NY & Europe Journey

AI is Delayed. @ NY to Sky

The flight is from Newark to Paris at 9:05pm.
10:00 I got up and finish packing. I said good-bye to Hogan, German, and left a meno w/ my e-mail address.

11:00 I went to Whitney Museum, one of the famous museums in NY. Unfortunately, I can't take any pictures at all, but it's enough. I mean, it's the worst in NY, lol. But, actually I had fun. BTW I don't be sticky, which means having lots of sweats. Positively, today is pretty dry. I don’t know why.

I was walking across Central Park from there to Columbus Circle. Although I wanted to see around the shopping center, I had a pretty heavy backpack. I gave it up.

14:30 I just left Manhattan.

15:10 I got on Path train from WTC to Newark. I thought it had a free bus for the airport. When I asked the info desk, I gotta take #62. $1.25 drove me to there. That’s normal so far, meanwhile here is the worst situation for me.

Flight was delayed by five hours into 2:00am. Suck NY and Air India.

The best thing happened to me. I met one French guy who stayed at Minnesota for camps for 10 weeks. Antoine Gauchery, 22, talked to me about lots of things in Paris cuz he lives there. I think he is rich cuz I notice that how to go shopping at the duty free shop. He was unstoppable. Additionally, he explained to me about how to get the metro ticket (I had better get the one-day pass, 3-4 euro), watch around when walking alone at night.

As I think, he thinks Paris is not dangerous. It’s up to where I’m going. He is living in Paris. I wanna know his name and more info. I can eat dinner in the Whydaham Hotel.

  by tkpsu | 2005-09-01 09:06 | NY & Europe Journey

Entire Art. @ NY

I went to MoMA which is one of the popular art museums. U had beter be there if u wanna feel fresh by modern performances. It took three hours for me to see all of them.

Before that I visited Colombia University located at upper West and Dakota Apt next to Central Park. As u know, Hikaru Utada went to this university before, but now she is not there cuz of break. Meanwhile, John Lennon and Yoko Ono lived in that apartment, which is famous for one of da apartments w/ da most expensive rent.

I plan to see 'Wicked' as one musical tonite. Korean roommate recommended me last nite, so I'll check't out. Moreover, I can get Rush Ticket tonite, too.

I'm in just NYPL where I can use Lab Top. But I can use only 30 min once a day. Additionally, since I'll leave NY tmrrw, I'm not sure when it is next to update my weblog in Paris.

Take care.

  by tkpsu | 2005-08-31 09:06 | NY & Europe Journey

People Stood. @ NY

'Lennon' is da fantastic masterpiece. It was da first time for me to see Broadway Musical. The main reason why I chose it was that I can buy Student Rush Ticket, which is one of da discount tickets and costs $26.25-. When I was inside da theater, I was looking for my seat. Foutunately, it is da first row and da middle. I can reach actors and actresses.

'Lennon' said his whole life w/ love. If u like the Beatles or John Lennon, u should check't out. I really really recommend u. At the end of da show, most audiences stood up w/ joy, of course including me.

  by tkpsu | 2005-08-30 09:06 | NY & Europe Journey

Oh My New York!! @ NY

I arrive at NY LGA at 10:05am.
I'm in New York Public Library, where I can use da lab top for limited periods, such as 15 or 30 min. Fortunately, it costs nothin'. Sounds Good. I'll be here tomrrw, too.

I'm here, da center of da world, especially economical one. It's pretty hot. Do u wanna ask Why? Cuz they have da crazy humidity like Tokyo. Just when I walked one block, I became wet, lol. All I have to do here is to keep taking smth to drink for my health. Even da first day made three bottles of water dry.

First of all, I went and saw da Statue of Liberty below da lower Manhattan. I took da public bus and subway from LGA. To my surprise, da subway was similar to that in Tokyo. It's kida noisy and sometimes smelly, lol. Da most incredible point was no air condition system every platform of every station.

I arrived at Stetan Island Ferry station in 60-min bus&train. This ferry also cost free cuz it's used as one of da public transportations, as I said before. It was a little bit far from da statue, but it's enough. Additionally, I can see both Manhattan from Stetan Island and Stetan Island from Manhattan.

After seeing da symbol of US, I walked around that area, we called 'Wall Street'. I found New York Stock Exchange(NYSE) and some popular banks: Deutche Bank and so on.

  by tkpsu | 2005-08-29 09:05 | NY & Europe Journey

Ready for Summer Journey @ PDX to Sky

I'll leave home at 6:30pm, when it's gonna be too early, they said. But I need time for check-in cuz it’s da first time for me to use PDX. I’m not sure when and where to go. I’ve never used e-ticket which makes check-in earlier and is safe in da reservation. In addition, I can choose generally da seat I’ll sit down.

My flight of United Airlines launches at 11:15pm for Chicago, first of all.

I’ll let u know about da flight later.

  by tkpsu | 2005-08-28 09:03 | NY & Europe Journey