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Last day of March....

I joined two classes; prep-TOEFL and Humanity. As soon as I got up, I hurried up without breakfast, of course. In the TOEFL class we aim at 530 (CBT; 197) and study about TOEFL for this term. If you got that score, you don’t have to take it anymore from summer term. We got the really thick text and were surprised at it. Our teacher is another ESL one, Glen Zimmerman, having two little angels, or kids I heard from Nanae. Last year he invited his students to BBQ home party.

As soon as this class finished I tried to install that TOEFL CD-ROM. However, whenever I tried it, the error message appeared on the screen. I gave up it and made up my mind to search how to solve this problem on the Internet. However again, it also cannot find the answer.

I joined theme class, Humanity with my heart disappointed. Since I have to take which class in this term, Humanity or Social Science, I thought well and got decide to take S.S. The main reason is the environment during class is more confident and interesting. I suggest it not good to speak a little bit ill of Japan by Professors although.



こっちにいてJPNのNewsを知るには、Netしかない。でも今日Net Workがしっかりしてきて、誰もが助かってる。人間、すげぇ~って思う。 


  by tkpsu | 2005-03-31 17:45 | @Portland

Seven days has passed quickly.

This morning also ESL started from 8:50 am, lol. The class room changed ‘caz the former had some noise and were a little bit small. Today we talked about prewriting, clustering, freewriting and so on when we write an essay. I hope three-times-a-week ESL grew my English up.

One I have to do today was to submit the vacation form that I’d like to move out from Montgomery and a transfer application that to move to Broadway. Thus I got decide to move out on May 1st, Sun. This moving will be tough for me by myself, so I asked Riku to help this weekend. Fortunately he approved my troublesome desire, thank u, Riku.

The Social Science class was so exciting and interesting. About 35 students, including TNP, joined it, but only normal PSU student took the floor, lol. We’ll talk about Orientalism & Occidentalism for this term by two professors. I think in March & April it is difficult to catch the point or make sense in the class. I try to keep studying without giving it up.

After school I went to the cellar phone shop, cingular in an effort to pre-paid $40 for April. Thus I can call 450 minute anytime, unlimited minute from mobile to mobile, and 5000 minute night & weekend. Additionally, if I have unused minutes, I can rollover them, that is, keep them. This system of American is more organized and convenient for consumers than that of Japan.

An’ then I watched the third-time NBA game that welcomed a guest, Huston Rockets. T-mac got 26 points in only 27 minute and Yao Ming 27 in 28. Wow. They beat Blazers.



  by tkpsu | 2005-03-30 23:01 | @Portland

Opened the new bank account !!

I appreciated the theme class, Humanity from 2:00 pm. The professor spoke easily to catch. I sat down next to Yu, who plan to take this class. The prof explained the autobiography. He bought the specified texts; Jacob and Hideki Yukawa. I had a pretty nice impression for this class.

I went to the Wells Fargo, one of big American banks, with Yu, a friend of TNP in order to open the new bank account. The bank assistant was so kind that we could persuade to open it easily. In my case I’ll get the bank card by 11, April here. This account was special one for student, that the maximum deposit amount is limited by $1000. Its amount is not at all because I consider American society credit-card one.

After opening we went to the NIKE town and Lloyd Center which has at least four shoes shops. I bought a new basketball shoes, And 1, in the one of them, Foot Locker. We can ride a streetcar and MAX to Lloyd.

We went back home after a kind of dinner.

ついにUSの銀行口座を作った。でもSocial Security Numberがないから、一定のランクまでしか作れなかった。実際、クレジット社会が普及してるUSではCashが不要では?との声も聞かれる。まぁこれもいい経験だね。

その足で、Lloyd Centerまで行って、And 1のバッシュをたった$70でゲット☆これこそイイ買い物だね。

Theme classはすんごいタフだけど、そのうち教授の行ってることがわかってくることを願って、履修することにした。

今夜も雨・・・・ 1日で降らない瞬間がないくらい、雨が好きなポートランドより

  by tkpsu | 2005-03-29 22:00 | @Portland

Let's start !

I had the first-time class; ESL and theme class, or social science. We just have started TNP. First, ESL class is very enjoyable because the teacher, Carey, is kind enough for us to make the class comfortable.

After school I went to the Rose Garden to watch NBA and tonight Blazers faced Washington Wizards. Like last Saturday I bought a ten-dollar ticket and looked for my seat. I know how difficult to watch the game from this seat, however, and so switched the better one, lol. That was illegal.

It was at 10 pm that I was home. Because Keiko’s secret birthday party was held at Riku’s room, I went there. We discussed how to surprise her, finally played some acts that Misa, Shou, and Hyui went somewhere by car to buy some gifts for birthday girl but unfortunately they were crashed and transferred to the hospital. After hours Misa called Riku to announce him what happened. On the other hand, Keiko was informed by Riku, surprised and supposed to cry out. There were in Riku’s room me, Clint, Riku and Nori. The serious mood was on the air and will be, we thought. The next moment Misa and other guys came up in the Riku’s room, holding the birthday cake, lit up by 20 candles and made by Misa. Keiko seemed to be confusing, may relax and broke into cry. It’s just on 0:00 am, that is, “Happy birthday!” And we drank a lot.

I came home at 3:00 am, lol. It can be the first big memory in Portland. I had a nice time with new friends who are Japanese, lol.

授業がスタートしました。ESLのクラスは楽しめる感じですが、正直Social ScienceはさすがUSの大学と行った感じの授業です。でも頑張るしかないです。


  by tkpsu | 2005-03-28 20:00 | @Portland

It's Easter.

I got up at 1:15 pm,lol. ‘caz I used my PC till 3 am; internet, chat, keeping a diary, check how get to Las Vegas, where I plan to go there this summer vacation w/ friends from high school. An’ I got the call from Riku. We got decide to go to da mall to buy a birthday present for Keiko, who goes to PSU and is gonna be 20 this Tuesday. We’ll celebrate her including I, though only few days passed since we met, lol.

We aimed to that Lloyd Center again on Clint’s car. But it was close because unfortunately for us, while fortunately for Catholic it was Easter. Thus we went to the Fred Meyer, one of big grocery stores and bought a bean bag as our gift for three guys. As for me I bought 50 CD-Rs, $ 14.99 and Mentos, lol, in charge.

After purchases we had late lunch and ate Sushi near UWAJIMAYA, Japanese grocery store, where I bought furikake for rice. One I was surprised was to be able to get every Japanese magazine, such as 20 century boy, one piece, Naruto, GOOD LUCK, Hello work for 13, wall of death. Actually names are wrong,lol. I just named them now in English.

As soon as we went home to Riku’s dorm, I watched NBA on TV, PHI-LAL. I’m a Phil freak. Phil won even away game. I was so happy. At the same I made friends; Misa, Japanese, and Korean Japanese guy.


Rikuのところで見たNBAも楽しかった。My Philが見事にLAを撃破したからね。ハッピー②.みさってコと、在日韓国の友達ができた。


  by tkpsu | 2005-03-27 15:00 | @Portland

NBA game !!!!

It was the first time to watch the NBA game; Portland – New York. My good friend Clint took me the Rose Garden, and we bought two only $10-tickets. Though it was rain tonight also, there were a great number of audiences, 15,000 and more. For the first time Blazers won against Nicks 103-96(maybe) in the nine games. Clint said to me that he just watched the first-time game in this year @ home game, so u r luck, lol. From now I can go there by myself by riding the MAX, train, additionally free train.

Before the game we went to the Lloyd Center, one of big malls in Portland. We can ice skating there,lol. I’ve never been to such a huge one I’ve ever. They have even three shoes shops. I’d like to have a basketball shoes, especially and 1. I know this city born the most famous sports maker, NIKE, but if possible I need that one. Second, we visited the NIKE factory, outlet store. They have much cheaper shoes, bags, shirts, balls and wristbands, for instance.

After da game we got the Blazer’s coupon, which can give one taco. We bought them and went back to Montgomery w/ Clint. He was surprised at the size of my studio,lol. He compared mine w/ Riku’s, Epler. We chatted about b-ball. That’s fun.


  by tkpsu | 2005-03-26 19:00 | @Portland

3rd Orientation !

I gussed today's orientation was the most important in studying abroad. For instance, the director of International Student services warned the J-1 visa, especially how to travel out of US. We need the travel signiture. Additionally, she explained the insurance in US. I got decide to pay for $58 per month.

On the other hand, after it I took a walk w/ Yu, who went to the same high school and is older than I, to downtown. I reached at Pioneer Corthouse Square, cingular shop, big department store. Fortunately, it was so sunny and warm that we could have a lunch along the river. That was beautiful.

We started going on a campas tuor w/ Riku, friend two years ago @ waseda. I had good time w/ Riku, Yusuke, Takuya. Finally we joined the comedy film produced by PSU students, whom Riku know. That was funny. We yell "Joooooooooooooooke!!"




  by tkpsu | 2005-03-25 10:00 | @Portland

2nd Orientatiion

First, we gethered in the Ondine, one of PSU dorms, an' the officers talked about housing, such as rent, linen, emergency call and so on. Now I live in Montgomery though, I hope I moved out to the new dorm, Broadway. Thus I listened carefully to how to apply the housing office in that case. The director said that those who hope moving have to apply by a month before next one when they want to start new life. That is, I have to submit some materials about housing by the end of March.

Second, Waseda Oregon officers took us to some shops; Safeway, Central Library, Fred Meyer. In addition to them, I could go to the used clothing shop, Baffalo something. I thought the quality of these shop here was less than that of in JPN,lol. Certainly that is cheaper here than JPN.

Tonight also I ate choko Krispie,lol. It was delicious.




  by tkpsu | 2005-03-24 10:00 | @Portland

Departure & Arrival !!

I just arrived at pdx, or Portland International Airport at 7:20 am on 23, March. I'm gonna join the Transnational Program by Waseda Univ though, there are 24 students from freshman to senior. Of course, every department.

It rained at Narita when our flight is bording. The plane jolted well, and I became to feel a little bit worse,lol. We were sitting on the economy-class seats,sure. It was hard to fall asleep becaz of both narrow and vibrating space. During the first-time flight to the US, I watched the famous film, "Ray" in English only. His sound, mood, and attitude, except for to drag, were all fantastic !! I was excited an' impressed.

We got off, walked the slope to main building in pdx after short sleeps. We met the assistant lady, Kanae, ex-TNP student, who graduated Waseda and goes to the graduate school of PSU. She led us to the chartered bus to the University. About 20-30 minitues we got off in the front of each dormitories. In my turn I arrived at the Montgomery, the lovely historic dorm at 10:00. Then I washed my face and changed my cloth. Outside it also rained.

The welcom piza party was held in the Ondine, one of PSU dorms. The only two slices gave me the feeling of fullness,lol. The American size is amazing. later we listened to some explanation about new life. Then we were separated by some groups in order to introduce part of Portland, downtown.

I went shopping to the grocery store, SAFEWAY alone. An' I bought milk, Gatorade, Rice-choko Krispies, and so on in credit. Inpite of my first time to shopping,lol.

It meaned that my first dinner was choko kripies,lol. My room has the microwave oven & frige including rent per month. It was delicious,lol. I remembered the same scene in Japan.

The hard exhustion fell asleep shortly after dinner. Good First Nite !!

<訳文> *長いんで簡単に。

エコノミークラスだけに狭くてろくに睡眠が取れなかった。しかも現地の朝着くというのに、観たい映画がたくさんあり、機内でのささやかな葛藤があった。機内食は案外充実していた。FA(maybe American)も親切にしてくれた。楽しかった。


初めての買い物は、印象的だったね。まずレジにベルトコンベアーが組み込まれていて、前の人の見よう見真似で、まずカゴから品物をコンベアーに出した。自分の番になると、「It's first time here.」と告げ、店員に自分の立場を認識させると、早速クレジットカードでの支払いとなった。JPNでのサインは当然漢字なので、USでどっちにしようか迷った。が数秒後にはちゃんと筆記体のサインを記入して「Thank you!」と言って店を後にしていた。USのシステムの充実ぶりには驚いた。


  by tkpsu | 2005-03-23 15:15 | @Portland

Final Game !

The finak b-ball contests were held at our high school last Saturday. The four-year class joined'em. We lost twice and drowed once,lol, becaz we are the oldest team that unfortunately had no stamina and could not play very well.
But, but,but I led the only situation to drow-game. When it's four seconds left, I recieved the pass from partner, who got steal, and faked once, got the downtown by three points. The gym was shaked, waved and jamping,lol.
We drunk to celebrate my departure to the U.S. after all games. An' then teammates presented a "Lebron" ball, listbands and a tag writen "teamleader." I was excited, happy and impressed. Thanks alot.
I Love B-ball.

わが母校「学院」で土曜、初めてとなるOB戦が開催された。まぁ私が提案・計画したのだが。現役から私の代までの計4代さかのぼり、総当り方式をとった。私たちは案の定、1分2敗だったのだが、奇跡に近いこの『1分け』は私の劇的な同点3Pで決定付けられた。相手のTOからボールを手にすると、一目散にゴールを目指した。残り15秒を切っており、3点ビハインドという展開で、狙うはもちろん『3P Shoot』♪ シュートフェイクで1人かわし、放たれたボールは軌道こそ悪かったが、綺麗な音を立ててネットに吸い込まれた。

  by tkpsu | 2005-03-19 09:30 | Before PSU