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Not Broadway !!

I changed my mind about moving out. Primarily, my plan was to move out here, Montgomery on May 1st to Broadway, the newest dorm at PSU. In fact, I have submitted the vacate apartment sheet last month and the rest is only to decide the room in Broadway. Today I went to the Housing Office to confirm the room and view it. There were three choices for me; 1033, 10th floor, 358 or 473. Once I checked the view of 1033, but it was narrower I heard from Riku. Additionally, its view was not so good, seeing only mountain and freeway. If 1033 had faced the side of downtown, my mind may not have changed.

After viewing I went back to the Office, I asked a nice guy, Bruce? I couldn’t catch clearly his name, that he might hold 1033 for me. Then, he smiled and said to me, “OK. It’s due to tomrrw 3:00. All rite?” Of course, I replied yup. But, fortunately I got the good info that Epler has only one empty room, 521. There is where Riku, Keiko, Misa and Hyui live, and 521 stands just above Misa’s. It was 0:40pm that I left the Office. I gave both Riku and Keiko call shortly after leaving. I was really and really confusing which dorm is good for me. According to Riku, it’s a special rare case that Epler has extra room.

As soon as I had lunch at home and I think a little bit, I went there again to apply the transfer sheet to Epler, $555/m. I was so happy.

12月までの生活を占う、新居(新寮)選び。出来たばかりのBroadwayを狙っていたが、実際、空きがあるのは3つしかなかった。←Housing OfficeのHP参照。Broadwayに8割方意思は傾いていたが、現実はそれほど甘くなかった。部屋を下見にいったのだが、思った以上に狭く、そして何より暗かった。床&壁がコンクリートであることが少なからず影響していただろう。そのとき「これなら、Eplerの方がイイ」という邪念が芽み始めた。


  by tkpsu | 2005-04-13 19:08 | @Portland

Shopping at adidas ♪

I got up at 12:00am and had both breakfast and lunch at the same time, lol. Finally, I got my new PSU account under the SMUM. I went to shopping to Adidas shop for new black shoes by riding streetcar and NORDSTROAM Rack for cushion and sandal.

After shopping I watched Japanese most poplar film, ‘Totoro.’ I studied in the library till Misa’s call to have dinner w/ her & Riku.

At 9:00pm we rode my first-time bus to Kohji-Osaka-ya, Japanese restaurant. Riku came here after talking about his fashion event. OK. Let’s talk about his current busy life, lol.

First of all, he is doing an internship at the magazine company, People. He must plan some events as his assignment. Next week the fashion show will be held, featuring w/ some shops, Adidas shop, etc. Although a guy was named as a team leader, he does not work at all, Riku said. Thus he had only to start working by himself.

Second, his major is Business of senior level, that is, he will graduate PSU in fall term. After his internship he must find job for his life, certainly. He asked me to go to the career event at Boston this October together. Many Japanese companies will participate it, introduce those who are finding job.

That is why he was sending busy lifestyle.


  by tkpsu | 2005-04-12 18:31 | @Portland

Azumi in US

I printed my assignments out in the library before ESL, 8:15am.

I had the first rice in seven days as lunch. I joined S.S. to watch the American documentary about Propaganda between US and Jap during WWⅡ. I took note along the scene.

I went to Keiko’s room and Riku came to watch the Japanese famous film, ‘Azumi.’ Since we were hungry, it was the first time for me to go to the MacDonald. We, adding Clint, Misa, and at the 2nd half of film Hyui, watched it. Additionally, we checked the Keiko’s birthday Film produced by Clint, lol, that was so funny.

It was on 2:30 am that I came home ‘caz I have no class tmrrw. Besides, I could lend lots of DVD film from Keiko.



  by tkpsu | 2005-04-11 20:20 | @Portland

Second B-ball.

I got up at 10:00 am, excellent!! I went to the library till playing b-ball at 1.

We joined the b-ball w/ Moto. Yoshiki, Jef, Dan, Clint and Riku till 4 pm.

After b-ball I came back to take shower, and then studied @ Library. Talking about printing assignments out, first, I type it on my note-PC when I bring it to the library. Second, I send e-mail to myself, including the text. Third, I go downstairs to log in the library lab. Finally, I open my sent assignment and print it out.

I planed to finish ESL assignment & Social Science one till 10:00 pm, but after all it was 11:00. I went to Keiko & Misa ‘caz I’m gonna have my hair cut. For about an hour I faced the miller and sometimes Misa had cut. I hoped I kept my hair style, lol.

We were playing PS2, Winning 11 w/ Huey and Misa. I went to bed at 1:30am.



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I went to the Saturday Market w/ Keiko, where is 30-minute-walk&MAX far away from PSU and has many shops produced by individuals. Many families with kids, boys & girls came here. It was 1:00 pm, and we got decide to have something to eat. I ate Fried rice & Lemon chicken, while Keiko chose Fried noodle & Lemon chicken. For the fist time in a couple of weeks, I ate Rice that was delicious. A little bit showers have come when lunch finished. For that while we were in the incense shop and got a set of a plate and ten incenses w/ $2.50-.

We looked around and got her favorite sweet, ‘Elephant Ear’, Nan w/ cinnamon & sugar. We took a slow walk to Rover Place Merchants even she didn’t the name, lol, where is a quiet residential area and can see the river. This must be bourgeoisie that have cars each.

TNP party was held in Moto’s room, #1113 Ondine, from 7 thr midnight. I was drinking a lot and felt so bad, lol.




  by tkpsu | 2005-04-09 20:39 | @Portland

One Dream Came True !!

After ESL I have a supporting talk about Social Science produced by Jef & Will, PSU Students, at Ondine, one of dorms. We talked about definition assignments and spend effective time to make sense about them. For instance, the orientalism, dichotomize, essentialize, hermeneutics, epistemology, discourse, and etc.

I went to the Rose Garden to watch my favorite team, Sacrament Kings at 3:30 pm. Although I bought the $130-seat, I couldn’t get in the arena till 5:30. I spent two more hours w/ Kina at Lloyd Center. I got her missed-call before arrival at Rose Garden. When I called back to her, she seems to be in there, I got decide to go there.

When time has come, I went back there and find my special seat that was the best one among last five seats in Portland. I tried to give players’ signatures, of course, of Kings. I have waited for them on the second row that Blazers’ stuff decided. Unfortunately, my favorite player, #10 Mike Bibby did not practice, while #52 Brad Miller & #24 Bobby Jackson did. When they were leaving the court for the locker room, I reached my arm at them as much as possible. However, I missed’em, on the other hand, #00 Greg Ostertag, 7-2 tall player, gave me the first signature, that’ll be my pressure. I took lots of pictures aiming at Kings, but my digital camera sucked.

One of my dreams at Portland was achieved tonight. Frankly speaking, I prefer Philadelphia 76ers to Kings. #3 Allen Iverson is my most respectable player. His style against Mom, Family, Basketball, Friends and Society gave me the feeling of respect.

ホントに素敵な夜だった。液晶を通してでしか見れなかったNBA Playerが手の届く位置にいる。しかも、あわよくばサインをしてくれる。なんて素晴らしいんだ。試合中なんか、本人の声さえ耳に届く。フツーに恰好イイ。USの子供がNBAに憧れるのも分からないでもない。

故障者リストに入っていて今夜プレーできなかった#24Bobby Jackson。彼は昨年の6th Man Awardの受賞者。しかし今シーズンはケガで12月からプレーできていない。そんな彼がおもむろにShooting練習をしていると、すっごいおじーちゃんがBobbyにアドバイスしていました。彼は抵抗することなく、名匠(←いや、名匠に違いない)の言葉を聞き入っていた。正直感心した。NBAは先にも言ったように、世界最高峰のトッププレーヤーでさえ、名匠の言葉を親身に聴いている姿を、想像していなかった。やっぱり、何かのトップに立つ人は、「自分を向上させるために、人の言うことも真剣に聞く」んだなぁ、と改めて思い知らされた。




  by tkpsu | 2005-04-08 23:11 | @Portland

First Play B-ball !!!

It was the first time to play basketball here, in the new country. I worried seriously if I can play, that is, if everyone accepts me. Fortunately, I could play b-ball more for two half hours. I was so exhausted, lol.

When I came back home and took shower after b-ball at 9:30 pm, I went to the library to work my ESL assignment. Only for two hours have finished I it since it’ll be closed at 0:00. Clint also joined the game and was excited. He belonged the same circle in Waseda as me.

As soon as I gave Misa ‘Hirai Ken’ CD, SENTIMENTALovers, I got back and fall asleep.





  by tkpsu | 2005-04-07 22:01 | @Portland

Interview Assignment !

Although I took ESL, we could take the supporting class of theme class, Social Science thanks to the kindness of teachers.

Since I have an interview assignment, that we have to ask five people each four questions, I went to the dorm’s resident room.

I joined the International Student Café Hour at PSU. I made four friends; Taiwanese, two American, Japanese. I was surprised at such a number of transfer students from Asia. However, it’s good to help ourselves café and cookie.

It was the fifth game for me already; Warriors beat Blazers, 104-102.

As soon as I was home, I went to da Riku’s room to work on my assignment. During funny chat about childhood, we took TOEFL exam, Structure section, and watched Europe Champion’s League.



  by tkpsu | 2005-04-06 03:53 | @Portland

I'll have no class every Tuesday after workshop.

I took only one of free workshops, sponsored by the Student Resource Fee, Student Affairs Educational Equity Programs and Services, Skills Enhancement and Tutoring Center. Two Indian Students joined too, studying abroad for one year.

Although we learned about how to write an essay, I was surprised at the difference between the way in Japan how to write it and that in India. In Japan we learn the process that the beginning of essay is a topic sentence, the middle one is body, and then conclusion like American. In India, however, you need to develop your essay more after conclusion. If you draw this process, it’ll be like hourglass, two triangles.

基本的に、火曜は授業がない。というのも、当然のことで、TNP生が履修できる科目はESLとTheme Classに限られているからだ。Mon&WedのTheme Classを履修した結果、火曜がポカンと開いたのだ。まぁ、これが金曜でないだけましである。図書館にこもって、勉強していれば良いんだし。

明日はNBAに行く計画。main GameのSacrament Kings戦を金曜日に控えた自分の中での前哨戦。とは言うもののWarriors戦は意外に楽しみ。

  by tkpsu | 2005-04-05 21:02 | @Portland

Exciting NCAA Final !!!

I got up early this morning ‘caz Daylight Saving has started already. As I expected, many students of ESL were late by an hour, lol. Vocabulary assignment was pretty difficult for us to focus on what to do or what a main point is.

The main event tonight is the NCAA Championship, that North Carolina beat Illinois, this season’s favorite, 75-70. The Riku’s room was filled w/ exciting guys; me, Riku and Clint. I betted NC, while Riku did Illinois by $10. In addition Clint was born in Illinois, lol. The final was held at 9:21 ET, or Eastern Time, that is, at 6:21 in Portland. Three-time lag gave me the normal news that US is so huge again, lol.

案の定、授業遅刻者が出たw Daylight Savingを当然知らなかったことになる。まぁ無理もない。というか、先週の金曜日の時点で、ESLの先生が何か一言言ってくれれば、こんなバカみたいな状況にならなかったはず。

そして今夜はNCAAの祭典、Championship。共に第1シードの決勝となった、今年シーズンわずか1敗のIllinoisと、幾人ものNBAプレーヤーを輩出している名門校North Carolina(←ちなみに、神様ジョーダンもここの出身)の対戦。試合は稀に見るいいゲームになった。一時15点差離されたIllinoisだが、2度同点に追いつく粘りを見せる。しかしNCのPF.Mayを誰も止めることが出来なかった。終始優位に試合を進めていたNCが栄冠に輝いた。今年KansasからTradeされたNorth Carolina coach Roy Williamsにとっても、初のトロフィーとなった。

  by tkpsu | 2005-04-04 21:45 | @Portland