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Empty my Mind again・・・

I’ve just finished one essay about ads at 9:40pm. This task is that we need to describe two ads, analyze them and compare each other. Two ads I chose are concerned w/ 2004 Election. What did u guys remember? - Bush vs. Kerry. One, Child’s Pay, is that several children work by themselves to pay off Bush’s deficit; another, Desktop, is that several folders are dragged into trash. I wrote about them in four pages long. These critical ads wanted to stop Bush, but unfortunately he was reelected last year. His victory made America worse, they said. Not only America but also Japan was destroyed by a current Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, they say.

Today my special summer is changed in 180. Mom told me she doesn’t agree w/ Europe journey. The main reason is money. $1170- excluding food and traffic is quite expensive for us. Fortunately, she said she doesn’t care my American’s journey. I may lengthen LA travel from 7 to 10 and more. I’d like to travel East of US; NY, Boston, and Toronto, Canada. Anyway I have to think about my summer again.

I don’t go outside at all, even my room, lol. I’m using PC to write an essay or reply e-mail to friends and my family, watching TV, or listening to music.
The biggest concern I’m really looking forward to is which I should choose, playing b-ball or watching b-ball.




Western Conference Final
Phenix Suns vs. San Antonio Spurs
Eastern Conference Final
Miani Heat vs. Detroit Pistons


  by tkpsu | 2005-05-21 15:32 | @Portland

Passion of either PSU or Waseda....

I’ve done my extra credit presentation w/ no problem. I talked about changed rules of b-ball, so it’s easy for me to present it. We can see several rules now, such as court size, ball size, 3 point line, Paint zone, shot clock and so forth. Although I can talk just for 3-5 min, I did for 15min long, I guess. At the end of presentation, I announced absolutely da legend’s retirement.

I applied PSU TOEFL at Neuberger Hall after ESL. This test will be held May 26, next Thursday. I planed to visit STA Travel again, but I couldn’t caz of taking a nap and chatting w/ friends.

I went to da International Night but I found fewer interests than I expected. I came back home before a fashion show. Another reason is I wanna watch NBA, lol. When I’m leaving PSU for my home, I planed to go back to enjoy the Night. To be honest, I’m sorry that here is no festival as large as Waseda Festival ( on 1st weekend November). Most, no all PSU students study much harder than Waseda. However they need just a break like such a festival, I believe.

Waseda Festival gathered totally 140 thousand people for two days last year. The Passion of Waseda students was superior to one against the final exams. It is true. Any way I’m looking forward to seeing Passion of PSU.





  by tkpsu | 2005-05-20 17:09 | @Portland

Shinyu-★ or Best Friend☆

I was either active or inactive today. I went to STA Travel near PSU campus in order to look for cheapest air fares for LA and Europe, especially Paris. A staff was kind enough to search’em accurately as my request.

A first journey is for LA. I’m gonna go from PDX and three guys from Japan, and then we r to gather and drive around LA to Grand Canyon. This seven-day trip needs a car, so we’ll rent it at LAX thr Almo. She showed me the cheapest air fare; $298.80-. At the same time, I can see the prices of youth hostels at LA and GC. They are $23- and $14-. Now I’m waiting for other Japanese guys’ responses. Fortunately, she held my two requests. I’m gonna go back as early as possible. I’m absolutely looking forward to this summer.
Second trip is for Europe. According to her, Paris is the cheapest destination from PDX. I trust her, I mean, my wallet is up to her. I’ve not decided well yet, where I go/ visit. Anyway, this air fare is $ 1171.15-. Europe-trip will start from 29 Aug thr 20 Sep.

One more legend has gone on the NBA court at Indiana. He has played for 18 years at the same team, Indiana Pacers. He is called ‘clutch shooter’ caz he made a biggest shot which shut the game many times. Many basketball lovers hope they played like him. His movement, especially before receiving a pass to take a shot, is perfect. He played against another legend, Michael Jordan in 1998. Please remember his name. This legend was named ‘Reggie Miller’ 39 years ago.

I cooked Yakimashi, fried rice, which my family always calls. It tasted like family’s. Since I cooked’em too much, I gave her, neighborhood girl. I really expect her sweets.

Summer Tripが一歩現実へと近づいた。というのも今日、STA Travelへ行き、いろいろ相談してきたのだ。詳しくは上記を頑張って読んで欲しい。この旅行会社のスタッフの人は、とても親切に一番安いチケットを探してくれた。LA行きはもう日にちが決まっていたので、すぐに見つかったが、問題は欧州篇。だってどの空港にするのかすら決めてなかったんだも。でも彼女はParisが一番行きやすく、安いと言っていたので、それに従った。しかも当初は9月の頭のチケットのほうが最も安いとのことだったが、「sold-out」って言われ、8月下旬のフライトに決まった。仕事がてきぱきしていて、とてもスムーズに相談は終わった。やっぱアメリカ人のノリはいい!!早く終わった最大の要因は、『自作のPaper』だったことをお忘れなく。っていっても、ただ単に言葉だけで説明するのでは、まだ英語に不満があるため、間違った予約になってしまってはこっちが困る。そう考え、ものの20分くらいで(←長いって??)タイプされたものをプリント・アウトし、STAに持参したってわけだ。明らかに、彼女は仕事がしやすそうだったw。




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On-line Booking.

I hate rain here. I’m not sure when it start raining caz American’ weather forecast sucks and are too broad. Japan’s is so accurate that it is easy to go out when it’s not rainy or bad. Certainly America is geographically large, but they don’t have to forecast broadly weather everyday. Portland is geographically a rainy place behind a mountain range. Anyway I hope a rainy season were over as soon as possible.

Keiko got a big decision for not only her but us in Epler. She is gonna take a long break during Fall term; August 13 thr January 4. Although you can notice when reading her web log, she has some excellent plans as a studying abroad student. One of them is a part time job. Since shool fees including own leisure are never cheap, she wanna support as much as possible. Other is to meet lots of friends from preschool, elementary, junior high and high school. Her comeback makes me go back to Tokyo. However, I have to study more here by end of this year without my home.

My passion is up to TOEFL score as I stated yesterday. Now I’m thinking about next quarter. Unless I pass the line, I’m gonna ask strongly professor to listen to da lecture without credits. I’m pretty interested in Econ class here. I wanna study Econ thr English. I know well about da difficulty of summer caz it is only eight weeks long, shorter than spring or fall.

I promise my passion will stay here forever.




けいこがチケットを取った時に、ちょっと気がかりが。オレも早く取らないと。このままじゃ、夏どこもいけないよ。LAへのチケットは、日にちも決まりあとは、詳しい時間だけなのだが、8月下旬から行く欧州のチケットが、まだ手探りの状態。明日にでも、近くにあるSTA Travelに行って相談してみよう。ネットで予約できる世の中だが、人と直に話すのが一番理解できる。よしっ、決めた。明日行くぞ!

  by tkpsu | 2005-05-18 13:10 | @Portland

To Work Abroad is・・・・

I took TOEFL again in order to take PSU general classes Summer Term. MAX took me to East 122nd Ave. I’d like u guys to read about my big mistake in Japanese. Now I’ll talk about last nite on-line chat.

I have a friend from high school who goes to Waseda and now studies abroad to UO located at Eugene. He started his new life from last September and will finish after summer session. We chatted about our future, especially after graduation.

First of all, he is gonna go to da graduate school I guess American’s university although he didn’t mention. I recognized he wanna really study more. I as well as he have such a passion when I’m studying abroad here. It is not too late to find a job after go to da grad school, he said.

In my case, I plan to find a job after my studying-abroad program this December. In Japan it is general that junior student starts to find a job during school, especially from fall later. In another part of my mind, I wanna get MBA of American’s university. However, I don’t want my parents to worry about me anymore in financial. I’m gonna think about my MBA again after entrance to company. I mean I wanna make money for school fees. Additionally, this company has to be world wide. It is one way to not study but work abroad.

19 + 17 = 33 ??

今日Summer Termのために先月のリベンジと称し、TOEFLを受けてきた。先の数字は、そのスコア。合計が59必要で、それを達成すると晴れてPSUのGeneral Classが履修できるという仕組みだ。19(Listening)、17(Reading)の他に10-28(Strudture)を合計すると、46-64。このスコアはそれほど高くない。オレの頭の悪さを象徴している。これを示すのは恥だが、それよりも「可能性」を今日伝えたかった。
19+17=33だろ。だから59-33=26?? キツいなぁ~、無理かも・・・


  by tkpsu | 2005-05-17 13:04 | @Portland

Depend on Children !!

For da first time I saw Waseda University in 100 days. Social Science class showed us two school ceremonies; PSU commencement and Waseda entrance ceremony. The professor wanted us to learn da differences between them. First of all, a commencement held at Rose Garden was quite informal. Da speech of president made guys laugh, for instance. On the other hand, one of Waseda was really stylized and boring. Second, we discussed a national flag. PSU showed it, while Waseda didn’t. It is much related w/ political issues, a professor said. I don’t know why Waseda didn’t display a national flag, although I went to an attached high school w/ Waseda. Then we sung a song, in fact.

A next topic we talked about is a status of Waseda. When focusing on an economical part, we stand on a higher in a middle class. We can explain by da price of exam to enter. We took some exams we paid for approximately $300-application fee each department. Additionally, most took not only Waseda but other universities. PSU is cheap, one PSU student said.

Talking about Faculty of both PSU and Waseda, this has few women professors. It was concerned that bout 100% professor graduated Waseda. While, most of PSU Faculty came from Harvard University, professor Readon said.
Finally, we discussed why a birthrate of Japan is decreasing today. The rights of women became stronger than before and it’s like gender equality, I said in class. As he said, it is fact that the age average of women’s marriage is older than decades of years ago. Now it may be 27 or 28 years old, I announced again.

Anyway I think about my country well today, lol.


リードン教授曰く、「2050年までに、日本の若者の人口が、現在の2分の1になる」と言っていた。基本的に、その国家の人口を保つには、「2.1」だけのTFR(Total Fertility Rate)が必要となる。察しの通り、日本の人口低下は目に見えている。人口学の講義では、この問題が、経済に及ぼす景況に結び付けている。当たり前のことだが、人口が減るということは、単純に働く人の数が、減ることを意味し、日本経済をどん底へ突き落とす重要な要因となっている。



1. 明日TOEFLです。自分にGood Luck!
2. University of Oregonにいる友達についてはまた後日書きます。

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Rivals I face !!

As soon as I got up, I played b-ball at gym from 1 thr 3. Two-hour-exercises made me refresh, taking shower at home. I met a friend of Misa, Mike, at Starbucks near dorm. He has interview assignments that he need to talk to those who came from different culture and write papers. Thus I was invited, his first interviewee was Misa, although. Our conversation was 60 minutes long, making me fun and enjoyable.

At the same time, Misa was working on her assignment about Social Psychology. It was much more difficult than my assignment about Social Science or a presentation of ESL. One of her handouts said a definition of stereotype. As long as I remember, it is positive/negative beliefs against a person/ a group. A negative stereotype is divided by three categories, but I forgot’em. It was easy to understand and image that definition as I’m learning’t in SS; Orientalism and Occidentalism.

Anyway, every student face lots of assignments, papers or presentations at the end of term. I’d like to write my assignment down like Keiko.

May 18 ESL Paper and Presentation (Extra Credit)
*SS Final Draft (2nd Paper)
May 20 ESL Peer Review (Analyzing Ads Paper/Presentation)
May 23 ESL First Draft Due (Ads)
*SS Final Draft (2nd Paper)
June 1 *ESL Presentation (Ads)
*SS Rough Draft (3rd Paper)
June 3 *ESL Presentation (Ads)
June 8 *SS Final Draft (3rd Paper)






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Alive or Dead !?

I ate a boiled meat, Kakuni, cooked by Misa who was busy for her assignment although. After watching a football game, Heuy also came to Keiko’s room to have a dinner together. We watched a Japanese variety TV, Ronha-, Misa rented today w/ our mouth full. It was at 0:00 am that we finished it.

Except for Kakuni, I had nothing special, that too bad, lol. Where’s my interest? I try to remember what my interest is in Japan. In order to make money I usually work as a shop assistant, that is a part time job. After school I play b-ball w/ my circle-friends, like club. When I wanna go shopping, I do that to Shinjuku, Shibuya, Harajiku, and Daikanyama. When I wanna watch a movie, I go to a theater even by myself. Sometimes I have a date w/ a girl.

Talking about my circle, whose name is White Innocence we call Whynot, they are young, 4-year-old group. Today there are 7 senior, 23 junior, 20 sophomore and lots of freshman I don’t recognize. Since I came here, I didn’t take part in a welcoming-ceremony. It was a main key for our future, whether we are dead or alive. I’m pretty proud of my best friends who are also junior. I wanna thank guys to keep and develop Whynot. Additionally, I’m looking forward to seeing new faces this December.





  by tkpsu | 2005-05-14 12:55 | @Portland

Want Sweats More!!!!!!!!

I did not skip today, lol, in spite I went to bed at 4am. After class I speak to Carey about my Extra Credit. I decide to present about changing rules of basketball thr ‘Hoosiers’ I chose. To finish today’s ESL means to enjoy weekends, but I have nothing special, to be honest, lol.

Since I stay here, I left for downtown; Nordstrom Rack & Fred Meyer. There I got a fashionable square-shaped sunglass and bay leaves for cooking. It was at 4 pm that I was home, so watched NBA. However, I had my hair cut ‘caz it was boring, lol.
I cooked a Japanese pancake, Okonomiyaki. Da taste was so so, lol.

I had nothing special in evening. I typed an essay about extra credit in few pages. Although I arrived here March 23rd and have written some essays, I’m poor at it yet. There are, my teacher said, lots of ideas in my both mind and essay. I am writing’em carefully to focus on a specific thesis.




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Real Life!

I appreciated da orientation of ‘Capstone’ sponsored by PSU at 9:30am. It is worth 6 credits. I have to think of summer term during spring. That is one of the most differences between Waseda & PSU. It is basically not lecture class but discussion class by only students, although teacher or instructor sometimes gives us some advices. We work outside school as well as in da classroom

After Language Exchange, I played b-ball there for only 90 min. My first plan was to do upstairs, main gym from 7 pm. Da schedule was changed behind me, however. As soon as I was home, I got a message from Keiko, who has done whole classes for eight hours.
I went shopping w/ her to get what she wants at Safeway shortly after reading. On our way to there we chat about what we cook tonight; Hamburg. I cooked potato salad as side dish. It was at 10 pm that we ate’em. Tonight’s special dinner was so healthy for us that we became stuffed immediately, lol.
My mind is changing from non-cooking life into key-cooking life when I came here.

I watched ‘The Grudge’, cinema remade from Japanese one, w/ Riku, Tomo, who is Riku’s friend and goes to College at Canada, and Keiko at 1:30am. The story was completely same as that of Japanese.

いつもこのブログを書くときは、初めにWORDで英語の部分を書き、exciteの投稿欄に添付する。こうすることで、英語のcareless missは多少防ぐことが出来る。投稿欄に移ると、まずタイトルから決める。このタイトルでちょっとしたことを考えているので、5月が終わった頃に読み返してほしい。最後に、この「訳文」のスペース。訳文と称しながらも、一度もきっちりと上記の英語を翻訳したことのないダメなネーミング。このブログを見てくれている人からすれば、「なんだ、訳してないじゃん」と思われても仕方ない。

今日のタイトルは「Real Life」。話は単純。ハンバーグ作ってもらって、サイドディッシュ作って、2人でお腹いっぱいになって、充実した1日だった、という意。日本にいるときは、当たり前のように母親がご飯を作ってくれていた。今思うと、これほどありがたいことはない。こんなこと承知はしてるものの、あまり実感がないのが現状だろう。
この前、けいことみさとPad Thaiを食べに行ったとき、給食の話で盛り上がった(えっ!自分で、勝手に盛り上がってた?そんなことしるかw)。新宿区の給食はメニューが多彩だったとか、容器が地域によって違うだとか、味噌ラーメンや揚げパンが出てきたとか、食中毒で一時期弁当持参だったとか。

  by tkpsu | 2005-05-12 10:45 | @Portland