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Training Myself.

It’s the first time for me to watch da soccer game at da stadium in Portland as well as Japan. That game was held at Portland General Electric Park, so we called PGE Park. Portland Timbers lost da game versus Montreal. These two teams are professionalized. To my surprise, there was one Japanese player who belongs to Montreal. I have no idea about his name and him, but I’m pleased to see him. It was just after 9pm that da game’s over.

I joined w/ Koji, Y. Yusuke and S. Yusuke who are cool guys. After that we visited Koji’s room to cook dinner together, tomato-meet-source. At da same time, we were excited by Wimbledon Tennis 2005. A one-hour-long boiled dinner was pretty delicious, making our stomachs stuffed. Unfortunately, Maria Sharapova was beaten by Venus Williams, 7-6, 6-1. The finals will be Lindsay Davenport vs. Venus Williams. They are powerful enough to achieve da triumph of Wimbledon. I look forward to Saturday’s game.

Before getting to PGE Park, in order to make my rotten body refresh I was running along Water Front via a bridge near Rose Garden. It may be approximately five miles long, making me likely dead. I was back to home at 6: 30pm since I started running at 5:15. I hurried to get ready for soccer that will be held at 7:00pm.

This morning I was closer to skip ESL cuz I got up at 9:30am, when ESL begins. I couldn’t believe my eyes which look da clock. No breakfast is fine. I arrived successfully on time, and I present da short dialog. I explained da structure of rainbow colors in just five minutes. I was a little bit nervous by da first presentation to Glen in this Q. Rainbow colors are roughly divided by seven colors: red, orange yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple. Additionally we call the color outside red “infrared rays”, while da color beyond purple “ultraviolet rays.”


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Coming soon.

Finance class is very useful to think what is happening in the world. We r talking about Oil’s rise over $60- and what present China’s purpose is. According to our instructor, the stock market is reacted by the economy. Exactly! What’s going on and why? If I can answer such a question, I can predict the stock market and understand the economy. What can I look at? Internet is one way. In reality, I try to see the news once and more a day.

At the middle of today da instructor announced the assignment, like a project about trading. I must state how I trade products and what the result is. Fortunately, I have much time to achieve the project. I’m gonna ask James, my instructor, whenever I’m in trouble.

I visit a friend from high school who is studying abroad at Eugene, OR. He also is a Waseda University student. I’ll get there by Greyhound, like bus co., at 1:00pm on July 1st, Friday. Since I forgot that next Monday is holiday, I’ll be back in Portland on Sunday. Talking about him, he’ll finish studying abroad by this quarter. He started last September. He belonged to a soccer club in the high school and is playing it at University of Oregon, as he mentioned before.

I look forward to seeing him in a foreign country.







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A 21st Happy Birth Day.

It’s my birthday. It’s 12:18am rite now. My best friends gave me a gift. It’s the first gift for 21-year-old, of course. This gift is CD, Dancehall Nice Again 2004, I think Riku chose. I was affected by him and come to like Reggae music & hip hop. That I met Riku is the good opportunity to develop my music field. Before that I love punk music like Greenday, Blink-182, Good Charlotte, Sum 41, McFly, Not By Choice, etc. The field will be growing and growing. The music as one culture would help my life.

(sleep… zzz…)

I will take a quiz of ESL about Astronomy tmrrw. Today we listened to the lecture tape about Black Hole, White Hole and Worm Hole. Although I have a few ideas about that, it was hard to listen to that. The reason is it’s da first time to touch academic words like dense tiny point, singularity, white dwarf, etc. After this class I took Econ and well done.

Tonight, Clint gives me call to drink together. Since I have to study for quiz, I didn’t wanna, first. However, he is one best friend. We involving Riku go to downtown. Because of Tuesday night there were a few drinkers. We took seats downstairs and went up to play pool. I had fun. I got drunk by eight cups of tasting beers a waitress will make free. On the way to Epler, Clint gave me basketball pants as a present. Thanx guys.






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Fahrenheit 9/11

ESL is held at da PSU library to instruct us how to find books by a librarian. One main assignment in this quarter is a research paper. Glen and Carey hope that today’s special lecture helped our tasks. Unfortunately, I find most students sleeping during her explanation. It’s da worst manner. I ask some questions to her in order not to make her tired of lecture. There are many ways to find books; book, magazine, journal, database and etc.

My topic is why people changes job/career. The biggest difference between Japan & USA is career changes. Most Japanese never change their jobs. They keep working one job since they found them, aiming at higher posts in da company. In general, da graduate, 22-25 years old, begins working until he becomes 60 years old and retires. That’s for about 40 yrs. Talking about baby boomers, they will retire today. That’s controversial.

In contrast, most American changes their jobs some times. I mean, there are few persons who keep working only one job. They did the former company as if students graduated college. After learning know-how and gaining the knowledge, they try to change jobs to make more money. It is possible that middle age worker starts working a new job, even if he has proper career.

This research paper needs some references. I have to find out soon. There are small papers except for that. I’m gonna write an short essay about good life after a renewal of weblog.






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Rural Japan!

Although I have lots of must-do stuffs, I had nothing special. I come to hate me. It is not bad when I get up and feel my condition. That’s due to medicines before bed. It is my custom in Japan, too. Whenever I drank a lot, I took a medicine in order to make my body better. My first drinking night was the worst. When I was a high school student, School Festival was held on November. After da festival da party was held by lots of mates, approximately 500. I was dead there, lol. Since that incident I don’t seriously wanna be dead by alcohol.

For da first time I cooked hot rice, Gohan, in this quarter. I’m stuffed by my dinner. Additionally, I open a bottle of sparkling wine, Mumm Napa, Yasu gave me as a BD gift. I was so happy to drink by myself as much as I hope. It’s not true that I dislike alcohol cuz I was dead before. I’ll keep drinking when I start working. I hate him when my daddy drank a lot and spoke to me midnight instead of my sleeping.

I wanna talk about my new interest. Instead of NBA, MLB interests me. Actually, I watch da game, Yankees vs. Mets. Talking about NBA, I have kept contact w/ NBA for a couple of years. It is a good timing to start searching MLB. It is another reason to meet Taka-san. I wanna to talk to him more. If I know MLB, I’ll enjoy spending time by the end of Fall Term.





  by tkpsu | 2005-06-26 14:21 | @Portland

Effort during studying abroad.

From 2 to 5pm I stayed at da library to read FIN. Instead of Saturday, there are lots of people using PC/reading stuffs. I ride an elevator to da fourth floor, where nobody talks to study quietly. I take a seat next to da window. I start reading A Random Walk Down Wall Street, Buton G. Malkiel. It is difficult to understand caz so are academic words and special words.

After that I keep doing that outside Epler cuz it’s pretty sunny. There Keiko speaks to me. However, unfortunately, Listening to music disturbs her voice. I spend time at home by 7pm. For at Moeko’s room other TNP students celebrate my and Shiemi’s BD party. Such a party is held at each birthday. I mean, From March to April, May, June I attended and celebrated BD. In Waseda they must be celebrated by their circles. Thus it is da great idea that BD party is held, where nobody celebrates them. I thank TNP students.

I drank two shots Riku gave me and I thought I’ll be dead. Fortunately, I’m alive. I made a good friend, guy, Taka-san. I spent most of time w/ him to talk about sports. I really really had a nice time. I look forward to see him again at FOCUS.


さて、今日はなんの話をしようかなぁ~。あっ、そうだ。科目登録の方法について。今Fall TermのAdd/Dropのためにオレンジ色したSpecial Registration Formというのを前にふと思った。このシートは月曜日に提出するつもり。


そんな中、PSUはフツーにWeb登録。もちろん先のオレンジシートがあるように、マニュアルでの登録も可能である。しかし、遠方からでも、外に出かけなくても、キャンパスに来なくても科目登録ができるのは魅力。さらに今Summer Termが始まり、ドロップ(←1回授業に出てみたけど、合わないから、難しそうだから、などの理由で、その教科を履修しないようにする手続きのこと。早稲田では、1年生だけにしか認められていないため、批判の声もチラホラ。)などの手続きのほかに、もう一つ先のFall TermのRegisterが出来る。すごいね、PSU。ってことで、オレももう秋の時間割が出来てる。先の学期の登録、こんな魅力もあるね。

んで、なんでオレがオレンジシートを提出するかっていうと、Fallの科目を一つDropして、ひとつAddするため。具体的に言うと、International Business(MKTG 376)を加える代わりに、Econ of Green Power(EC 444)をキャンセルする。簡単に言うと、取りたい授業の気が変わっただけ。あくまでもコレは秋学期の話だから、特別なFeeとかはかからないと思う。そう願いたい。今学期は、EC 202とFIN 301で頑張っていく。

そう考えると、オレの留学もあと2 Termで終わり。早いね。そのあとには、人生を決める就活が待っている。その活動、例えば、自己分析や、企業調査をこっちにいる間にある程度、完了させておきたい。そうすれば、帰国後すぐに行動に移せる。大変なのは、誰よりも自分で分かっている。だから頑張る、ただそれだけです。

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Mainstream I can feel.

I go to NIKE factory as I mentioned yesterday. Fortunately, I achieve da successful shopping. I bought six items: wrist watch (purple), head band (2), half pants, no-sleeve shits, T-shits. It costs totally $65-, which is cheaper than I estimated.

I decide to get on #6 bus at da stop near Safeway. Because da bus will come here at 1:04pm, I sit down da bench to read book for ten minutes. Suddenly, somebody ask me w/ reading and listening to music. It is Anthony who learns Japanese, so can speak well. It is at da Language Exchange, like chat-hour, where I met him. He has two children and wife and lives in Beverton if my memory is correct. I ask him, “r u taking class today?” “No. Just, to study I came here,” he responses. As time is getting close to 1:04, I say good-bye to him and wait for da bus.

I pay da fare before getting on it. There are a couple of passengers. I take a seat to keep reading a book. The bus goes across da bridge and go up to northern area. It is at 1:15pm that I arrive at there.

FOCUS is held every Friday. But I miss it tonite. I’m gonna join it next week. Although I have much time, I don’t read a Finance text. I must do that by next Wednesday.




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My Biggest Happiness☆★★☆

I watched w/ Riku at the end of Game 7, bringing Spurs their third NBA title. Spurs defeat Pistons, 81 – 74, and won da championship. Tim Duncan was named MVP, while Manu Ginobili played the most memorable part in playoff, I strongly believe. I’ll give him da MVP title. For da first time, player won both titles, NBA champion and Olympic champion in 13 years. Michael Jordan was da last player to do that in 1992. Ginobili was Argentina, as u know, and is da best hero in his country today.

After Econ 202, my first weekend has come. I don’t get used to free my exhaustion. I mean, I’m not sure how to relax. In fact, since I’m not delicate, I can’t notice whether I have kinda exhaustion. Sleeping should be da best way, anyway. I usually sleep for at least six hours. That’ll not make me likely dead.

I’m gonna go shopping to NIKE factory, like outlet shop, by #6 bus. I wanna have short pants and no sleeve shirts for b-ball. I may get anything else I want there. After purchase, I must read books of FIN 301 and will spend time doing that in da library on Sat. and Sun. Unless doing that, I won’t finish it.

Thru FIN 301 my new dream, like plan near future, was born. That is to hold my stocks and work them economically during Waseda University. It’s possible, I think. In order to make new dream come true, all I have to do is pass da class. I know well it’s pretty hard. I’ll tell u guys da grade at da end of this quarter.


でもジノビリよりも何倍もの大きさを誇る選手が、スパーズにはまだいるんだなぁ~。そいつはこんかいのリングで6コ目。しかも3チームでのリング獲得は、NBA史上2人目の快挙。彼のミラクルショットのおかげでGame 5を制している。今夜の試合でも、6th Manのくせに32分も試合に出てるからね。もうこの最終戦は、両チームとも総力戦だったね。いいところでまた3P決めてくるしね。そう、ご存知。Robert Horry。Finalだけ見れば、MVPの可能性も無きにしも非ずってとこだったね。


今日をもってブログにバスケ、NBAの話が登場するのはおそらくないと思う。次に書くのは、シーズンが始まる10月後半だと思う。そしたらRose Gardenにまた通いつめてSpursを見に行きたいと思います。

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Understanding is Difficult, but….

It was the first time for me to attend the night class which starts 5:30pm thru 8:55, Finance 301. In Waseda I’ve never taken such a late class. Since I work a part time job after school, I registered classes which range from 9:00am thru 4:10pm. Anyway, first of all, da instructor, James Kar, asked us what your experience and expectation about this class are. I replied, “I have little information about stock market. Unfortunately, my major is economics. I wanna learn how stock market works/changes and why. Additionally, I wanna know how I can get information of that.” I worry about whether I can follow at the same pace. Although there are 15 students in this class whose major is different from each other, fortunately two other students have no experience about stock market like me. I felt a big relief, lol. FIN 301 will give me lots of stuffs, but I won’t give it up to accomplish whole assignments. I’ll do my best as well as at Econ 202.

It was at 9:30pm that I was home because of FIN. Once more I have to do is a home work of ESL, reading a text and summarizing it. I was done at 1:30 am. This section says about American abundance making US far wealthier. American people live to get wealth and public standard. They want to buy smth new, new car, new house, new computer, etc to feel comfort. In order to explain da strategy of this purchase, this section mentioned da relationship between producers and consumers. However, talking about TV commercials, merging like monopoly, a bad effect on children and a decline of their educational skills are controversial.

I’ll stop talking about the difficult class here, anyway. My recent interest is to collect music. I can listen to a number of music, approximately 2000 w/ PC. They’ll help reading since time to read/study is boring.


リクから借りた『20世紀少年』は現在発売されているところまで読み切った。早く続きが読みたいです。んで、すかさずその代役として「Monster」っていう同じ浦沢直樹が書いたマンガを借りた。これは完結してるので、満足感を得られるはず。でも今Week 1で生活リズムがつかめず、それに割く時間を検討中。実際あんまり読めてない状況です。

さて明日でついに今年のNBAの終止符が打たれます。Game 7が21時(ET)からあって、その勝者が05年の王者!第7戦までもつれ込む良いファイナルだった、って前日でも言えるね。今年のPlayoffもいろんなことあったなぁ~。古豪ブルズの復活、レジェンド・ミラーの現役引退、シーズンMVPの敗退、マブスのHome2連敗からの快進撃など。まわりの友達は今年のプレーオフは面白くないと言うが、オレはそうは思わない。試合後との一つ一つのプレーが勝利に近づいているというバスケの醍醐味を感じることが出来れば、どの試合も楽しくて仕方ないと思う。まぁ、こう言えるのは、USに自分がいて、全ての試合をTVで観戦出来たからなんだけどねw。

そんなわけで、明日のスパーズの勝利を願いながら、寝ます。Good Nite!

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Started Econ 201.

It was at 4:00 am that I went to bed last nite (no, this morning), lol. I got successfully up on time for ESL and studied how to think about topics of research papers.

After that I was home to have a lunch. I organized some folders in my PC. It was the first time for me to attend a PSU general class, Economics 201, Macroeconomics. I’ve studied it for two years in Japan. However, it’s da first time to learn in English. Thus da knowledge I built up is not completely useful. First of all, it’s a little bit still hard to understand even what professor said. Besides listening problem, I don’t know what Japanese economic words mean in English. That’ll be a big difficulty.

I bought a heavy economic text which will give me lots of information by my effort. I must spend proper time to read it out of class. I can use Friday AM to do that. To keep reading could be the best way to learn subjects in English. I’ll do that, I promise.

My desire should have come true tonight. Unfortunately, Spurs lost da game 6, tieing up 3 for 3. The announcer said after da game, “One for everything!” That’s all. Game 7 will lead absolutely the triumph of either Spurs or Pistons. It’ll be held at San Antonio the day after tmrrw, Tursday.









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