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Yell and Yell and Yell !!!

When I read an econ text, I received an e-mail from Yusuke. It asked me to join a beer festival. It seemed to open at Waterfront Park along a river. It was at 4:00 pm that we left home. There were enormous drinkers chilling w/ each other, including children, who didn’t, of course, drink a lot. Long time, no pictures I took. I’ll put some of them on this weblog.

I hanged out w/ Yusuke, Keita, Jun, and Keisuke. Although it was pretty hot and sunny, we had fun, especially after drinking a lot. We shouted, yelled and asked anybody, lol. Yusuke got drunk too much, being dead. He was so funny that he had no choice to ask ladies. Nobody knows how many kinds of beers we drunk.

Talking about how to get a beer, we buy a mug and some tokens, first of all. A mug costs $4, while on token, which means one taster, costs one buck. Da shape of this token is like a coin, which we called One Wooden Nickel. Sunday was da final date, and it was over at 7:00 pm. At the end of it, fortunately, we met a group of American who can speak Japanese well. They guys went to a high school in East-Kurume, Tokyo.

One girl whose parents are living in Ikebukuro, Tokyo shouted many times, “I miss Tokyo. Harajukuuuuuu!!!” They guys are on the way of a live tour; Denver, LA, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Seattle, etc. Never forget such a date to meet each other. That’s because nobody knows whether we’ll meet again somewhere.

今日で、7月が終わる。とても早い。8月の2週間が終わるまで油断できないのが学生のツラいところ。Summer Sessionが終われば、1週間後にTOEICの受験。勉強せねば。んで、その1週間後にはJourneyが始まります。







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Analog and Digital Country.

I got up early at 7:30am. I went punctually to da class, MGMT 407, 1 cre. It is 8-hour long, lol. Its title is Doing Business in Post-WTO China. What I learned here were China’s bank system, political system, a currency revaluation, incentives, obstacles, etc. To my surprise, there are some cups of coffee, water, and juice, and cookies, muffins, yogurts, and bananas. Instructors are getting them ready, though we pay for $5- as tuition.

This long run lecture was divided by several parts of each theme. Thus I didn’t feel how longer it is than I expected. During lectures they showed us some pictures of Shanghai China. I was impressed w/ what a beautiful/advanced city is. China including Shanghai has increased rapidly its GDP in the last 10 yrs. GDP growth rates are always higher than that if Japan: avg. 8 % to 3 %, I guess. However, China are very concerned w/ da slowly-increasing populations. Da teacher, Chinese, also said no increasing population, no Chinese life.

In my opinion, though it is not true, China has da big gulf btwn urban, suburb and countryside. Specifically speaking, da education environment, da lifestyle and da living status are completely different. I have no image in Japan. Every boys and girls are going to an elementary school which has enough amenities/facilities. In my school, every class rooms had TVs each.

It is crucial to care about GDP; however, you must not forget how all citizens are going.

【 楽しかった経験 】続きですがなぁ。







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Dream Atmosphere.

I joined FOCUS from 6 to 10pm, having fun but killing me. When I send e-mail to Yusuke, he told me to meet together at 5:50. We stepped to Ondine, hanging out Naoko and Yasu. An’ then a friend of mine Jason drove us to Hillsboro, where we get in a-half-an-hour-drive. We had a dinner in da center of a farm. Da Free Way has a terrible traffic jam. It was at 7pm that we arrived there.

We had a lot of dinner, like two hamburgers and one hotdog. After that a ranch brought us to meet a pack of goats. To my surprise, no goats escaped or chased. It’s da first time for me to touch them. Da happiest thing is to meet a three-week-old baby. When I was little and lived in Takatsuki, Osaka, I remember riding a horse. Where I did that might be Kyushu. I’m not sure.

Next I wanna say is about personal name. For Japanese it is difficult to remember American name, while for American it is so to do Japanese name. We r chilling about Yu and Ai as a name and You and I as an English noun. Everybody must be confused. Let’s guess/imagine this;
American guy chatted w/ Japanese. “I am I. You are not you but a friend of mine is you.” An’ then I wanna ask u guys where a friend is.

Another funny thing is Jason’s class had 5 Jason in a high school. When a teacher tried to check attendances, he seeming confirmed at least two of them and checked all of them present, lol.

【 楽しかった経験 】~高校篇~ってことで書いていきます。

部活と残りの9ヶ月に二分された高校生活の中で、沢山の思い出ができた。選りすぐってこのお話を♪それは、高3時、学部発表が終わり、残すは卒業式だけとなった2003年の3月中旬。我らがF, C, H, K, L組が集まり伊豆は修善寺温泉飲んだくれ旅行に行った。このメンバーは、学院祭や頭祭といった学院行事の幹部として働くことで、仲を深めたクルーだ。







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Awesome Party.

I went to da class room before an hour in order to study for a quiz. It was 50-minute long. I did my best. In da rest of class we did a debate in a class. Its theme is this: Japan should accept da immigration. This lecture was so terrible cuz there were no judge and leader who organizes it. In reality, I like to debate, but I don’t wanna do in such a bad condition.

At the end of class I received a research paper from Glen after evaluating. It’s not good. It said 82 of 82, but I was not satisfied w/ it. I realize that I need to develop it more. Another student got 95 of 82, I saw. Talking about my ESL class, Glen, a teacher, was really disappointed that only 7 of 12 students handed in papers. I think TNP students this year are poorer than da present 5 TNP students.

After Econ I went immediately to Computer Lab at Cramer Hall. However, da coldest air condition stopped my one-hour studying. Not only Cramer Hall but also da library and Broadway have a stable climate. Thus I have to bring an extra cloth. When summer has come, such a strange accident was held in Japan as well as here. That’s funny.

I had a party for Clint at Epler. I got drunk. Clint seemed to finish packing his stuffs. If he didn’t, it’d be a problem. He’ll leave on Saturday at 10:30am. In my case, my departure date was March 23rd, four months ago. It was da previous day that I finished packing my two stuffs. Although I thought I had to start before, it is da fact that nobody started from two weeks before departure.

【 影響を受けた経験 】というコーナーへ。今日は大学篇。

そのブランドは、女の子なら誰もが持っているもの、そう【 LOUIS VUITTON 】。ルイヴィトンジャパン秦社長の無料講演会。こういった講演は、早稲田ではたまに催され、最近では6月終わりには、マイクロソフト社長ビル・ゲイツ氏が弁を振るった。この秦社長のアツい講演は、これから社会に出るオレらに、大いなる刺激を与えた。(←そう思っているのは、オレだけかもしれないが・・・)




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Nothing I Understood.

First I did after leaving is to buy Wall Street Journal at Book Store. It costs only one buck. Bringing it I went to ESL class instead of not finishing reading stuff. Cuz I have a finance class, I buy it every Wednesday. I usually go to da class room rite before 15 minutes. I have to answer some questions about American Ethnic and Racing problem. Fortunately, when I’m thinking seriously, Saeko, one of TNP students, came there and helped each other.

At the end of ESL, Glen announced that we will take a test about this text tmrrw. How incredible it is. Does he know # of my stuffs in this quarter? Anybody help me. I wanna shout like that. Yet, da reality might pass away w/out my desire.

Finance 301 became difficult more and more. Although we are learning da base of a stock market, da structure/ detail is confusing. One topic I learned today is a relation between risk and return. The Alpha and the Beta are kinds of scales/measures. There are other scales: P/E, PEG, P/S etc.

I’ve been at Broadway for two hours. Briefly, I translated Riku’s resume. It is hard to translate these special terms: principle, knowledgeable, objective, etc. Although I wanna stay there, I gotta be back to home cuz, as I mentioned, having a quiz.

I was back to home to prepare a quiz. Unfortunately, I fall a sleep. As u know, I spent kinda boring everyday. In fact, I accepted such a pretty busy schedule.

【 感動経験 】をもう一つ。





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I’ll be in Boston.

During ESL I learned the difference of pronouncing “R” and “L”. That is an entire theme when studying English. It’s pretty hard to get used it. To distinguish them means da success of studying abroad. I keep practicing that. “read” and “lead” are the most difficult terms. So are other patterns: rib & lib, right & light, ring & ling, etc.

After Econ I was there as usual. I left home for there at 7pm. The soccer game was held at the field. I found Riku as GK there. An’ then I have used for a few hours. Suddenly, I found Keiko studying at Broadway. She seemed to drawing smth. Cuz I’m sitting far away from her, I can’t see exactly. Riku appeared there in a few hours.

In the first two hours, I was researching about Beta in a stock market. That’s a home work of Finance class. An’ then I bought an air ticket for Boston. It costs $252 each by North West airline. We’ll leave here early morning cus our flight is at 7am. We’ll arrive at Boston at 5pm on Thursday, when is the date before a career forum.

Talking about this forum, I got one offer from Yamasho, one of the companies which will join this September. I was a little bit happy to receive it. It was at 12am that we left there for home. Although I gotta read a text, I fall a sleep.






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Tomato Soup I Cooked.

I received a mail from Misa. I don’t notice who she is cuz she wrote her name in Japanese character, Kanji. The back of its postcard shows Duomo in Milan I plan to visit in summer. Only one picture impressed me. To my surprise, I can see Duomo anywhere. In fact, I found it in Rome and Florence on an atlas.

I played hoops downstairs at gym. For da first time, I did there since last quarter. When I entered da small gym, I found one guys of mine, Anthony. While practicing to shoot hoops, some crews came there, including Alone, Non, and Dan. Unfortunately, only 8 guys came there to play by 6pm.

I went to Broadway from 7pm to 12am. What I did is correct my research paper as rough draft and research European stations I’ll get. I read through my rough draft and correct it by myself. I started researching which train to get on to destinations. My journey will be pretty busy.

Talking about my cooking, I cooked a soup in a few days. I bought a tomato can and used it. I’m eating it as past or risotto, and w/ bread. It was good, though it is wired to say that by myself. It is a good practice for those who will live alone in Japan to cook alone, anyway.

【 感動経験 】最後の今日は、大学生活篇。まぁ、今現在2年4ヶ月しか経っていない大学生活。それなりの感動経験はある。



オレの留学のキーは、4年間で卒業できるか就活に間に合うか、の2点だった。だから初めは、豪州に出願したが、基準点が50点高く、あっけなく落ちた。留学の道は絶たれたかと思った。というのも、豪州の留学終了は、3年生の11月、米国の留学終了は、3年生の学年が終わる3月だったから。これでは、就活には間に合わない。しかし留学の神は、オレを見放さなかった。TNPが残っていた。2年生の9月応募で、2年生終了直後に出発、早くて3年生の12月に帰国。 これなら間に合う。


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Let Me Be In Europe.

It was a certain miracle to get up at 8am. That’s cuz we have to get to Rose Garden, even though we can’t play any more today. Since da enemy didn’t show up, we got an easy win, but we have no playoffs. Thus I was rite back home cuz I need to sleep more. After saying good-bye to crews, I left there to get #8 bus for PSU. Fortunately, I got early on it. It was at 10:10am that I was home again.

I go immediately to bed. In the reality, da party ended up by 2:30am, preventing me from sleeping. Accidentally, I got up at 8:00am, lol. I got a deep sleep. It was when Dan announced me a victory at a high voice that I was awake again. He said that we had one more game in playoffs. The reason is a team who will go to playoffs didn’t show up Sunday. That’s why da opportunity faced us. However, as I mentioned, cuz I was at home, I didn’t meet guys. I thought they guys couldn’t beat an enemy, I’m sorry.

I stayed at Broadway from 4 to 9pm during their game, a semifinal of our tournament. I think about Europe Journey. As a result, I bought Eurailpass Youth whose durations are 15 days, and cost is $ 382, excluding shipping. I’ll stay at Europe from Sep 2 to 21. Yet, this duration is fine cuz I plan to stay at Paris for 6 days. I mean, between 2 and 21 do I travel other places: Mont-Saint-Michel and its Bay in France, Amsterdam in Netherlands, Naples, Rome, Florence, Venice and Milan in Italy, Barcelona in Spain.

I typed a research paper in 6 pages, at last.

さて今日の【 感動経験 】は、高校時代。





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I Don’t Want You To Forget.

I got up early at 7am caz I play 3 on 3 @Rose Garden. Unfortunately, Non, Japanese, one of members, was late lol, missing da game that we lost, 5 for 16. I noticed that our practice was quite short. Talking about myself, as it was da first time for me to play outside on a hard court, I couldn’t fit da game. As it was too sunny to make a shot, I couldn’t fit da game. To be honest, that’s my poor excuse.

Our mind was changing at a higher speed by da 2nd game. The first started at 9:30am, and the second did at 11:30am. We discussed what to do next. We conclude that all we have to do is a triumph. Our next opposing team won da 1st game. I have no time to care about it. Non came, played and scored 10 of 16 we need to win. I netted a big 2-point shot from arc cuz nobody can score 3-point shot in the rule of Street Jam, leading us to 1st victory.

We thought we passed da qualification after winning the 3rd game. That was our biggest misunderstanding. I can’t concentrate any more. Da score is 10 to 12, 2 down. We didn’t catch up w/ them. Da limited time, 15 minutes, was over. We lost it, 13 to 15. We went home w/ feeling disappointed.

We had a party for Clint who is gonna to work in Japan as well as Dan. It was held at Bush Garden at 10:00pm. At first, there were several friends of Clint from da same high school: Michael, Bro, Cameron, Clint’s younger sister. Japanese crews were late, but I can listen about their high school life. It was fun. An’ then his best friends arrived: James and Kyle.

Finally, I gifted him a postcard saying that I don’t want you to forget smth important, such as Portland, friends and parents who have supported, and why u r in Japan.

Good Luck, Clint !!

昨日に引き続き【 感動経験 】。今日は中学校時代。






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Unforgettable Day.

I was at Broadway from 12pm to 3pm to renew my weblog and think of planning my European Journey. Specifically speaking, I have to decide what kinds of Eurailpass I get. Da most difficult problem is whether I’m gonna go on a trip to Amsterdam, Nether lands or not. That’s cuz da price of a pass is up to # of countries I’ll travel to.

I met Noom, one hoops crew, in front of McDonald, getting to Rose Quarter to sign in da game. I can’t hide my happiness to watch da court. I made sure how many courts they guys have: 35. That # involves a center court whose floor is pretty clean. That’s why I think it was used as a Blazers cort in the Rose Garden before. However, most players will play on a street. I’m looking forward to playing there.

I was in CP lab again to make da hoops game schedule. Shortly after arrival I was rite back to home, and I left immediately there to join guys who are gonna see da Kabuki, Japanese traditional theater at SE. It was at 6am, and da play will start at 8pm, so we can get in there from 7:30pm. One staff said that when I asked. The play started, immediately making us impressed.

I went to Dan’s home party. He’s gonna work in Toyama prefecture, Japan. He’ll leave here for there on July 30th at 2pm. When I arrived at there, he was crazy already. It was after 10pm. To my surprise, there were many people, especially Asian people. It’s nice to meet one girl studying abroad here.

今日は、小学校時代の【 感動経験 】について。





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