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Bad Score Might Wake Me Up.

There were few students in ESL, making Glen disappointed, even though three students take TOEFL this morning, so they are absent. Besides, most students were late. However, we had nothing special. For all we had to do was a peer review of research papers. My rough draft is four pages long so far. Fortunately, nobody wrote more than it in class. I realize I need to develop it more.

I received the score of Econ exam. That’s terrible, reminding me of the reality. I scored only 30 of 56, alive/dead score. I notice that I need more time to study/read Econ. I’ll have no weekends from now. Actually, as I mentioned yesterday, I have to do a lot. Hummm…. Summer Session is tougher than I expected.

After Econ weekends of Week 5 have come. I’ll join Street Jam, 3 on 3 tournament sponsored by Blazers this weekend. If our team is winning, we’ll have a game Sunday. But, how about the worse case? Will we have any games, even if we lose Saturday? I have no idea so far. I’m looking forward to it, anyway. Every registered player will get a celebrity T – shirts.

Now, I’m in Broadway, lol. I’m here as well as last nite. I wanna think about who I am again in two hours left. By the way, I’m listening to Japanese music, especially “aiko,” one popular woman folk singer. Her voice & lyric are quite impressive, relaxing me anywhere. My other favorite singers are Yuzu, Mr. Children, Kaera Kimura, Def Tech, McFLY, etc.

今日は、昨日に引き続き【 好きなこと・楽しかったこと 】を受けて、見られる共通項について。







  by tkpsu | 2005-07-21 14:03 | @Portland

The Library Overse.

After FIN I went to Broadway to write a research paper as a rough draft. I stayed there from 9pm to 12am. It was a pretty tough day cuz I played one-hour b-ball, had a three-hour class, and wrote a four-page-long essay. I worry that such a tough day keeps going. That’s because must-do tasks are increasing more and more in the 2nd half quarter. I have a 10-12-page-long research paper for FIN and its final exam. Talking about Econ, there is a final exam, too. Unfortunately, I have just three weeks left, not too long. I have to start studying all of them rite now.

When I arrived at Broadway, Riku was there. He seemed to sxxke before. I don’t know how come he’s high, lol. He was staying there one hour ago. Shou also came here to study. I didn’t see him crazy. He was studying Business unlike Riku. Being at Broadway lets me to study more and changes my studying environment better, anyway.

Where did I study oversea just 365 days ago? I seemingly was in a library in campus by 9pm, when they guys closed it up. I like that studying environment. In fact, I keep going there since I was a high school student. That’s cuz I went to Waseda University High School whose students can automatically go to Waseda University. Talking about ID, Waseda students hold the same typed UD card, including high school students. That’s why I can use the big and clean library. Some who go to a high school via Takadanobaba, a key station used it whenever they have lots of exams.


今日は、【 好きなこと・楽しかったこと 】。これは箇条書きなんで、末尾に持って期待と思います。






  by tkpsu | 2005-07-20 12:53 | @Portland

On-My-Way Station.

I am almost dead cuz Econ exam was pretty difficult. Professor said that a mid term exam consisted of 50 questions, though, da big fault happened to me. Actually, there were total 56 which were more than I thought. Though it was better to take a look at whole questions at the beginning of test, I was so nervous that I couldn’t afford to do that at all Besides, I have only 60 minutes for taking. In the last 5 min I couldn’t read the questions. I’ll pass the minimum line, anyway.

After such a bad dream I went to Waseda-Oregon office to check my Narrative on TV. I watched carefully it, and got smth strange. As u guys know, it’s strange to watch/listen yourself on TV. Nobody believes the voice, first of all. I noticed that my English was quite bad, even if Glen gave me a good evaluation. I didn’t speak fluently, loudly and clearly.

I was home at 5:00pm and left here for Broadway. That’s the five-straight days. That’s for just a job-hunting. I thought about what I did in each school periods; elementary, junior high, high school and college. How were ur studying grades? What did u do club activities? What’s the family for u? Who’s ur best friend? Who affected u? What to u wanna thank ur parents about? etc.

I was there by 12am when the computer lab is closed. In the last one hour I spent reading Rikunabi 2007, like mail magazines made by Japanese company supporting students who are looking for a proper job. I learned a lot from it. It is possible that the first job is the first stage of life. You can enter a company to look for what you wanna do. etc.

今日は、【 家族 】について。あなたにとって家族との関係は?どのようなことに感謝していますか?どのような気持ちを抱いていますか?といった切り口で書き始める。




  by tkpsu | 2005-07-19 17:34 | @Portland

No Family, No Life.

I got the evaluation of Narrative about a high school, which was not bad. It said I told the story calmly, but it attracted listeners; I connected well w/ the audience. The specific term “calm” made me a little bit nervous. I found the number of 95 at the bottom. It would be the score of 100 Glen can evaluate. I didn’t think it would be worse than such a high score. Thus it impressed me well.

Next I have to do is to evaluate myself w/ a video he stored during presentations. I think about the following five sections in my Narrative; organization/clarity, delivery, pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. It is the first time for me to watch, listen to, and evaluate myself. I think that’s a good opportunity to see how my English is going. I wanna do that again when it’ll be close to leave here.

I left home for Broadway shortly after a lunch. I have only one day left to study. I’ve finished reading through textbook for several hours. I think I manage to pass this subject. All I have to do finally is long for what a easy exam is. It is at 10pm now. When I look at text again, I’ll go to bed.

I wanna talk about next tasks. I don’t have a break, even if I finish this first exam. I have to think of myself for a job hunting. I’m not sure when I can fall a deep sleep.











  by tkpsu | 2005-07-18 14:37 | @Portland

Sunday is Date for Studying.

Today also I studied at Broadway for research paper and economics. I finished ESL tasks in first three hours. Specifically speaking, as I mentioned before, I’m working about changing a career: in my assumption, to change a career is due to both an economic concern and an interest. When a worker want money more for his/her family, and when s/he wanna do what s/he loves to do. s/he will go on a new path.

However, through sources I found there the different fact. As long as I read just six articles about Americans who changed their careers/will do that, their whole career-changes are due to their interests. That’s new and impressive.

When I change a career, I hope it was due to my big lifelong interest. It is significant to find out what I wanna really do, or go back on the way to go. I don’t wanna change the line on the way, however. I wanna keep going to a proper way I decided if possible.

What is my life? What is my purpose? What is my worth? What is my interest? What is my goal? I can’t answer one of them at all now. But, I wanna be those who can answer all of them 10 years later.






  by tkpsu | 2005-07-17 18:55 | @Portland

Alone is Everyone.

I’ve been at Broadway for six hours in order to do my fxxckin’ crazy stuffs. I started reading Econ text and researching companies after Riku’s come. I realized that it takes too much to research them. The more companies I plan to apply, the more number of them I have to research. We found a little bit what Dentsu, GE, and Abeam are doing. I’m gonna keep doing companies I wanna apply.

After tough works we had fast dinners at Cha Cha Cha next to Broadway. $3.95-dinner made me pretty full, even if I ate half of them. I was home and here I am.

I often watched Japanese dramas, Orange Days, whose story is about how college students find their futures. They are seeking what they wanna do. One student seeks to work welfare of aged as a nurse man. Actually, he received one hire-announce, like an official decision, though, he canceled it. That’s because he didn’t wanna give up hi real dream.

When he had the final interview, he thought why he began studying in the college. He said it was important never to forget the first belief. I think so. I don’t wanna forget that.





  by tkpsu | 2005-07-16 15:18 | @Portland

Words I have to say.

I joined Focus tonight from 6 to 10pm. It was held at a certain park located between NE and SE. I’m not sure where it exactly is. During this quarter they guys enjoy outdoors. We can eat dinner and play a lot. I

I played hoops twice a day; noon and night. I mean, one was from 1 to 3pm at PSU gym, another was from 8 to 9:30pm at that park, which has a made-by-NIKE b-ball court. I didn’t expect at all that I can play b-ball there. Thus I didn’t get anything ready; I wore a pair of sandals. Additionally, after the first b-ball I took a shower to make me refresh. I don’t wanna sweat any more. However, once I start playing, I don’t stop it. I need to take a shower again, finally.

I did nothing about Econ. I know I have to read through da text in a few days.

Talking about not the exam but a job-hunting, all I have to do so far is understand myself and research many kinds of companies. The first thing is the first step of finding a job, the most important part. To find out who I am tells me what I wanna really do. After I notice that, it comes to be easy to narrow the field of company. I can step forward; research.

Twice hoops killed me, going to bed. Good Night.






  by tkpsu | 2005-07-15 12:48 | @Portland

Economics Trouble.

I have a midterm exam of Macroeconomics next Tuesday. It is pretty tough for me cuz I have to read roughly 200 pages of text, understand and memorize them. Fortunately, it was a multiple type test. I don’t have to write whole academic words. It is still tougher task, anyway. Week 4 has passed after today’s Econ class, instead of Thursday. I have three-straight weekends every week in this quarter. However, it’ll be spent by reading stuffs, lol.

I received the evaluation of ESL class by Glen. It was the first time to get such a middle grade. Actually, it was just a comment to my attendance in this class, including speaking opinions, small group discussions, speaking narrative, overview test of textbook, etc. It didn’t say smth bad at all. Meanwhile, it said that keep up your work. I was happy about that, and try to do that. After 4th week ESL also comes to make me dead. I mean, I have a research paper as I mentioned before. All I have to do by next Monday is find new 3 – 5 sources and summarize’em in a few sentences each sources.

Another I wanna address as my first experience is to purchase a mark sheet. It, whose name is Scantron, costs only $0.20. What I was surprised at is not the cheap price but that we have to purchase such kinda answer sheet. In Japan, whenever we take exams, instructors get answer sheets ready. We don’t have to get by ourselves before taking exams. Since these mark sheets are sold at Bookstore, it is general here to purchase for each exams. However, in a case of essay type exams we don’t have to do that, I guess.

It’s July 14th. It was the end of a 1st half of this term. Talking about Waseda students oversea, they also study hard for exams, which are finals of the 1st semester. I can measure how busy they are by looking at the online billboard, so-called BBS. That is, the busier they are, the more articles they write. As they write constantly down, I can see more than 10 articles in a day.





  by tkpsu | 2005-07-14 13:37 | @Portland

Money is $100,000-.

I told the classmates the narrative in this morning. It was the first turn. Fortunately, it was better than last quarter. I listened to total five stories about from a cultural difference to Jazz dance. Whenever other students present something, I try to ask some questions. That’s because I think it is the best way for presenters to quest about their presentations. I mean, to quest is to understand/listen carefully to them.

After ESL I joined Language Exchange. Unfortunately, this quarter has few PSU students. For besides summer session the working hour is not good. It is from 11:45 to 12:45pm. Glen is thinking about that as a serious problem. It is a good opportunity to communicate w/ a native speaker, anyway.

Talking about FIN 301, we have three options as a project; stock analysis, project, trading. Stock analysis is that to choose one particular company, analyze its share/price, and forecast what happen next. Project is like research paper about whatever we are interested in, even if this paper is useful to study stock market. Trading is to trade shares with an amount of virtual money, $100,000, and think about the strategy and solution if that shares we bought before are not working/profitable.

I wanna try to trade stocks in the real market, w/ fake money, although. I have only four weeks long to trade them cuz this class will end Aug 10. I look forward to this trading whichever I gain/fail money. All I have to do is think about why I get/lose money. I can change the strategy & stocks if I notice that they are unprofitable. I can write about why I changed it. Sounds very interesting. Additionally it’s free to trade.







  by tkpsu | 2005-07-13 04:35 | @Portland

Only One Camp.

I got the signature of John Oh on Special Permission sheet. That’s because I wanna and plan to take Marketing 376 in Fall term.

After Econ I finished the office works and went to computer Lab @ Broadway from 6:30 to 9:30pm. All I have to do are to read Econ text and think a narrative for ESL class. The first one is pretty tough cuz I have to read approximately 100 pages by next Tuesday, killing me. The second is quite easy for me cuz I talk about my experience in high school, especially about my basketball club.

I need a transcript, like a rough draft. Thus I typed it down;

When I was a high school student, I belonged to the basketball club. I played a part as a vice captain of 40 members. We usually practiced 6 times a week for the victory of the official game. The practice time is 4 hours on weekdays and 6 hours on weekends. Sounds tough. Actually it was pretty tough.

We go to the camp every long vacation; summer and spring. Of course, it’s not leisure. It’s for definitely hard practices. Our camp is held every year in Matsumoto, Nagano prefecture where we can get there for a few hours by a super express from Tokyo. Unfortunately, this camp was 6 nights and 7 days long. Do u guys make sense? It’s for a week. Every player felt it was nearest the heaven or hell.

It was Spring 2002 Camp when I was a junior, but the highest class player. I mean, the upper class players, who are older by just 1 than I, were in retirement sine last summer. We had to play hard as the highest class players after their retirement. Our team consisted of both Freshman and Junior, not Senior.






  by tkpsu | 2005-07-12 08:48 | @Portland