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Right Way is Not Seen.

I chatted w/ a lady friend from University. I don’t know when the last time to talk to her is. Was that three months ago/more? She’s gonna study abroad to England this next month, anyway. I was taking the same English class last year. I met her there. Her major also is Economics, of course. I remembered her English was pretty good. Now that she’s quite busy for finals in Waseda. I hope she achieved the success in England.

I got outside Epler in order to study at the library. Un-/Fortunately, I met Riku, and he asked me to go to Broadway, one of on-campus dorms. It’s the second time to be there. Anyway, I researched about Boston Career Forum at Broadway. Especially, I’m searching where to stay for three/four nights. As u know, it’s hard to look for the cheaper, nearer, and more comfortable hotel. Riku keeps his job hunting w/ no care while my researching. I stayed there from 6 to 9:30pm.

After that I met one businessperson by Riku’s invitation, who is working at NIKE Japan here, whose name is Marcus. The Bilingual speaker, 31, arrived at Bush Garden located in downtown. We were there before his arrival at 10:00pm. Our chat like an interview was two hours long. Although he is American-Japanese and so he can speak Japanese very well, he spoke briefly English. It was not hard to listen/understand, so I could ask smth I wanna quest, my question was in Japanese, though.

After all let me think about what the job hunting is. Marcus gave us the advice: “Don’t run fast. Take it easy.” I wanna be like him. That’s the business person I’m very proud of. Such a perfect man has a memorable dream, going his way w/ no look at all. He thinks the family is significant in a life. So do I.

初めて就活らしいことをした。たぶん今夜のは、OB/OG訪問に分類されるだろう。NIKE Japanに入社し、駐在員として現在ポートランドで勤めている。勤めるといっても、そのクラスがすごい。USのNIKE(本社はBeaverton)はそもそもPresidentが2人いる。一般的に言われる社長と、デザイン専門の社長。NIKEは、スポーツメーカーの大手。そのデザインやコンセプトで、お客さんのニーズに応え、シェアーを増やしていく。シューズ、パンツ、シャツ、サングラス、キャップ、リストバンドなど【デザイン】命の商品しか扱わない。この社長2人体制は、デザインの重要性を示唆している。







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Something Scary & Smth Satisfy in Life

I went to da library to study Macroeconomics and job hunting. Before them I look over da Wall Street Journal, kinda finance newspaper. I was reading them by 4pm, when there is closed. Talking about Econ, this text is interesting/exciting, I feel. Actually, it’s hard to remember some info from my memory about Macro Econ, though. I learned it more than one year ago. Whenever an economic word I knew appears, it makes me refresh. I thought even it’s happy to meet/learn it.

I received e-mail from Dad since 7.7 terror took place. It said think again about ur Europe’s summer journey. He gave me an important advice as father. I had better watch up when walking downtown, especially in rush hour. Do u remember Sep 11? It also was hurt around 9am. An’ this London blast is at 9am. Although I can’t say they are caused by al Qaida, generally, da group of criminals were supposed to aim at such a crowded time. If one law professor asks to think how to kill the most people at the same time by one bomb, I’ll tell him to aim the rush hour.

I plan to get European destination stations by trains. I’ll get on an Eurail a couple of times; Paris for Rome, for Florence, for Milan, for Barcelona, for Paris, etc. One friend of mine recommends Amsterdam to me. Thai is because he has been there last summer, getting da great impression. I don’t plan to get there, though, I might change my routes. I wanna see world heritages as many as possible, but I wanna spend time w/ no care, I mean, I don’t wanna be hurry up.

Actually, I’ll be scared by my journey. However, wherever I am, I am close to death. I can agree more on my idea, even if I’m in Shinjuku, Tokyo. No place is safe around the world. I wanna think that’ll be da fate if I’m gone. I wanna. In fact, I’m scared by the end of my life.

破壊王の呼び名で人気を博した格闘家橋本真也が、脳幹出血で亡くなった。哀しいというより驚いた。えっ、なんで?と何度も頭をよぎる。K-1、PRIDE、 ボクシングなどの格闘競技一般が好きなオレにとって、彼の死はその一部でしかない。しかし彼の試合を何度も見ていることで、親近感が沸く。今胸にポカンと開いた穴は、この感情が空けた穴だ。アンディー・フグがなくなったときも、同じ気持ち。オレの穴よりも何倍もの大きさだった人は、何千人、何万人といるだろう。今回だってそうだ。プロの選手がなくなる、自分の応援していた人が、大好きだった選手が亡くなる。ツラい。

最近不幸な話が多い。先月は日本では、June brideが関係してか、結婚ラッシュが相次いだ。一転して、テロが起こり、そして橋本真也の病死。Stock Marketと似ている。経済成長と似ている。上向きのときがあれば、下向きのときがある。上向きが続くことは決してない。下向きが続くこともない。生まれてこのかた、上向きの人生しか歩んでない、と言う人。反対に、不幸の連続よ、と言う人。上向き、あるいは下向きの流れの真ん中にいる人のことだろう。




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Identity in Foreign Country.

I stayed at PGE Park all day. It was not such a worse day that others think. I got there to watch two baseball games. One consists of a few NBA players and guys, while another is Beavers vs. 51s. I went w/ bi-Yusuke.

Actually, I expected to see 11 NBA players at da same time. Jermaine O’Neal, Rasheed Wallace, Jamal Crawford, Stephen Jackson, Zach Randolph, Sebastian Telfair, Damon Stoudamire, Luke Ridonour, Drew Gooden, Travis Outlaw and Kenny Anderson are listed on da flier. To my disappoint, only one guy came here. That is Luke. I notice he is man. Fortunately, I can see Ron Artest who is at Indiana, and was suspended last season.

Da celebrity match started at 2:30pm after da announcement of line-up. Time’s over at 4:30. For a few hours I enjoyed da exciting play, such as running homerun, homerun derby, fine defensive play, fake play, and strange judge.

I went to Taco Bell until da next game starts at 7pm. I’m chatting w/ them about tiny topics. How’s Japanese cellular phone going? How do u spend time oversea? What’s da MLB structure?

Da baseball game is da doubleheader. Norihiro Nakamura is playing at Las Vegas 51s, whose MLB team is Los Angels Dodgers. He was da 4th batter of Team Japan. His powerful swing threatened not only pitchers but also funs. I don’t think he should play in minor league. He can play on da upper field soon. I hope so. Additionally, he gave us smile and waved hand. We replied him w/ yell to achieve da rest of this season.

I wanna appreciate his performance before and after game.




PGE Parkを越えた。MAXに当たりそうだった。誰もが言葉を失った。が、判定はファール。結局この打席は、フォアボールだった。こんな小さな球場で、プレーするような選手じゃない。メジャーのドデカい球場でも、快音を響かせてほしい。





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Forget Nothing.

I started my job hunting yesterday. Actually, I’m just making my resume as Riku taught me. I had no idea that I need to hand in resumes both in Japanese and in English. I thought it was enough to submit that in Japanese cuz Japan’s companies will join. Additionally, that kinda resume is completely different from that Japanese graduates submit to Jap companies. That’s da significant opportunity to learn about such a strategy of job hunting.

I planed to play hoops at 2 thru 4pm. I went to da gym and played for a while. I wanted keep playing b-ball, but my eyes hurt suddenly. I don’t know why. Fortunately, they don’t hurt now, giving me da feeling of relief. I stooped it to care them, going home. I’m sorry, Riku. I wanna play more.

I was back to PSU gym to watch da game sponsored by a radio station FM95.5. It cost $10-, although, it was not worth, I feel. In reality, I look forward to tmrrw baseball game at PGE Park at 2pm.

I was home again and asked Yusuke to go to da PSU field next to that gym. Da event was held by American Cancer Society. The theme is relay for life. We joined them at 10:00pm when we thought too late to close’em up. Besides, it was heavily rainy. It’s da first time for me to feel American regret/mourning for those who died by cancer. I’ve seen American enjoy/laugh every time since my coming here. However, I’ve never seen them feel those feelings. I had a holy experience tonight.









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Engage Myself in this world

Terrible things happened again since September 11, 2001. A couple of blasts as Terror took place in London on July 7 morning 9:00am, killing at least 50 and injuring 700. I heard this big mews from Glen before ESL. Actually, only I watched CNN news this morning is that US security level was changing into Orange, 2nd level of 5. I was home, and watched carefully TV after da class. I’m not in bed now, while I was not awake this morning.

I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears. One bomb attacked da two-story bus, blasting its roof away. Nobody gets on it. It’s of course. Injured passengers are driven to hospitals by many ambulance cars. I found one injured taking da interview w/ his face bled non-seriously. Everybody would think he had better go to da immediate hospital. The other day London awarded 2012 Olympic. This news made people in London happy, involving David Beckham, a famous soccer player.

After NY and London, Japanese worry seriously about where next is. Although they say that, Japan including Japanese gover’t is not willing to make da security stricter. One lady took an interview at downtown that after smth happens it’s too late to begin thinking about that.
However, to be honest, I think it is da fact that nobody cares anything.

I visited Japanese Garden next to Washington Park. It was Tanabata Festival. What does Tanabata mean? It is one of Japanese strange traditions. That is, it is on only July 7 that da prince living in one star and prince living in another star can meet each other once a year. They meet on da star river which consists of stars in the sky. It’s hard to explain that kinda of thing.






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I wanna be 5 %.

I have da in-class short essay about American Business.
Language exchange few foreigners cuz of time

Finance class was so exciting and interesting. Tonight I learned how New York Stock Exchange, NYSE, works everyday. Specifically speaking, James taught us how a customer buys/sells amount of stacks at da moment. We can buy/sell stock shares via brokers who stand between customers and NYSE. The trade will be done only when there are two customers who wanna buy/sell at the same time. They can trade da minimum # of shares.

Customer A wanna buy 15,000 shares and customer B wanna sell 20,000, for instance, when da price is $10-. Da trade of 15,000 shares is successfully done. Where will da rest of 5,000 shares be? Customer B wanna still sell them, but nobody wanna buy. It is a specialist that helps him then. Specialist has da power to buy 5,000 shares customer B wanna sell by lower price. That is why a stock market is moving.

What I wanna say da best thing is to ask James a question.
“Do they care da amount of # of shares?”
I was waiting for his point-out w/ raising a hand. The instructor replied immediately w/out hesitating. That’s da key point. I really worried about that my question has nothing to do w/ lecture topics. That is because I’m poor at listening to English, especially in class. Thus I was pretty happy for his response.


早稲田から私費留学でPSUにきている人がいる。彼は、昨年同フォーラムに参加し、全体の参加者のわずか5%と言われる内定率のうちの一人になった。今年の日程は、10月21日(金)~23日(日) の3日間あり、彼は、最初の2日で2度のInterview(面接)をクリアし、最終日は、立食パーティーだったらしい。全ての企業が、このようなスケジュールなのかは定かではないが、面接を通して内定者を決めるのは確実。




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Let me know how to walk around NY.

I was very sleepy during da morning class. Although I spoke English, there was da far distance between what I wanna say and what I said. That is my brain was not awake then. I can listen to two presentations of Hajime and Keisuke. This is about da sign after drinking, while that is about da city structure in New York. Hajime’s topic was very interesting for me cus, as I mentioned before, I plan to visit there. Actually, I’m searching how to get wherever I wanna go.

NY is da developed/advanced city as well as Tokyo. Subway in there will show u guys that evidence. Both subways are so complicated that people could be lost. There would be few people who know how to use correctly them. In da reality, recently I know well how to get on/off Tokyo subways, but I have no idea about NY one. If I stay longer there, I’ll have da opportunity to know that. However, I’ll be just a traveler/visitor. I trust to get on/off them w/ no worry.

Before Econ class I went to Montgomery in order to check if a housing office holds some packages for me. I bought da low coffee table by internet, whose cost is just $6-. That’ll be making my room more comfortable.

I’ll have da midterm exam of Econ 202 on 19th July. I have to study/read da text carefully. Da professor said it’ll be easy for us, but as I’m poor at English, I need to spend more time. Good Luck!





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Enjoy Tonight by Fireworks.

Have fun on Independence Day.

I went to Blue Festival held at da waterfront at noon w/ Y. Yusuke & S. Yusuke. It’s quite sunny and hot, so I wear da sunglass. Since it is noon, we can’t see other people there. I pay $5- as a donation in order to enter da gate. Y. Yusuke bought da BBQ chicken & corn at da shop. I ate an ice cream which is a symbol in summer. That’s all in da noon section. I walked home together. We are looking forward to Fireworks tonite.

I stayed home till I left at 8:30pm. During that I cooked da curry. It is so amount that I can finish it in two days, lol. 60-minute curry made me stuffed and satisfied. I’ll have it tmrrw.

Fireworks will start at 10:00pm, although, we arrived at 9:00pm. We are chilling about a journey, high school, Fireworks in Japan and etc. As long as I see, 10,000 thru 20,000 Oregonians r waiting for da start. When it’s passed 9:30, it’s getting dark. That’s da best situation. I can hear da blues music since arriving here. Most people r drinking and chilling. One neighbor spoke to Y. Yusuke. He just wanted to ask what Yusuke’s T-shirts means. Actually, he doesn’t know about it. But, I watched someone asked da same question before. I realized that he is good at choosing a unique T-shirts. I hope I could do that, anyway.

Da main event took place. That’s beautiful, bright, and noisy, lol. Unfortunately, I can’t feel da art w/ it. I just wanna state how excellent Japan’s Fireworks are. We can notice clearly what da theme is so far. On the other hand, there were nothing special, lol, killing my mind. I miss Japan. I wanna really watch that. If I can hope, I wanna join w/ a girlfriend. Only one thing I question about Japan is to broadcast da Fireworks. That’s crazy. American would not believe their eyes.

独立記念日。USAに来て早3ヶ月、初めてとなる祝日らしい祝日だった。出店などが軒を連ね、多くの集客を呼ぶのは何度かある。現に、Rose Festivalのときも似たようなものだった。そのときも前夜祭ということだったのか、花火を見に行った。その時とは、明らかに雰囲気の違う夜だった。







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Back to Portland

I went to Valley River Center, like kinda shopping mall. I think it’s the only shopping place in Eugene. There r Banana Republic and Abercrombie & Fitch, to my surprise. Since we have no breakfast, we wait until every shop open at 11:00am and eat da lunch. I left here for Eugene Station to get on Greyhound at 1:55pm. It’s da last place to meet each other at Starbucks Coffee near da station.

Looking back this trip, I talked to him a lot. That is about our future careers, a current Japanese society, how to spend time abroad, our high school teacher and our friends in Japan. This journey reminds me of many memories. I had fun pretty well.

(I’m in Greyhound via Salem)

I arrived at Union Station on time, going home by tri-met bus. It’s at 5:00pm. I felt da reality. I handed my microwave oven to Yusuke who moved in Epler on da 2nd floor. I gave da idea of sharing it together and holding it by him. I went to Safeway to purchase smth to eat. Suddenly, I met Hajime, one TNP student. That’s just twice/ three times.








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Yearly Studying Abroad.

I get up before noon and go to da Saturday Market, which is held near Eugene Station. As it says, Eugene Station is a station of all of the busses. It's like Shinjuku bus station, Tokyo, whose size is twice. Talking about S.M., it is held at Portland too. I've been there on March w/ Keiko. S.M. in PDX is in a parking area, while that in EUG is in da park whose size is three blocks square. Since we have no breakfast, I eat Vegetable Noodle, while Yuhei does Chicken Curry, makin' us stuffed. After breaknoon I go to coffee to drink a fruits juice. That's pretty delicious.
To my surprise, it's da first time for Yuhei to join S.M.
(I'm just writing down above at da library in UO.)

I went to da old & small baseball stadium to watch da game. This game is ranked by Short Season A, which is 6th level, while MLB is da first. Eugene Emeralds beat Salem-Keizer Volcanoes, 14 to 2. I watched it w/ Yuhei and Satoru who goes to Waseda University. The game started at 7:00pm, and was over before 10:00. Although da night game is that, da sunshine makes it da day game.

I went around just on foot. There are buses which driving anywhere. Unfortunately, unlike in Portland we have to pay da fare, $1.25-. It’s kinda inconvenient. When I was his home and watched da Japanese film, I went to bed.



午前中に話を戻すと、Portlandでも一度行ったSaturday Marketに足を運んだ。まぁ、一緒だよねw。国とか、州が違ったら、はっきりとしたカラーの違いが出ると思うが、なにせ同じ州のSMだからね。そんなに異色なモノであっても困るって話だ。




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