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Entire Art. @ NY

I went to MoMA which is one of the popular art museums. U had beter be there if u wanna feel fresh by modern performances. It took three hours for me to see all of them.

Before that I visited Colombia University located at upper West and Dakota Apt next to Central Park. As u know, Hikaru Utada went to this university before, but now she is not there cuz of break. Meanwhile, John Lennon and Yoko Ono lived in that apartment, which is famous for one of da apartments w/ da most expensive rent.

I plan to see 'Wicked' as one musical tonite. Korean roommate recommended me last nite, so I'll check't out. Moreover, I can get Rush Ticket tonite, too.

I'm in just NYPL where I can use Lab Top. But I can use only 30 min once a day. Additionally, since I'll leave NY tmrrw, I'm not sure when it is next to update my weblog in Paris.

Take care.

  by tkpsu | 2005-08-31 09:06 | NY & Europe Journey

People Stood. @ NY

'Lennon' is da fantastic masterpiece. It was da first time for me to see Broadway Musical. The main reason why I chose it was that I can buy Student Rush Ticket, which is one of da discount tickets and costs $26.25-. When I was inside da theater, I was looking for my seat. Foutunately, it is da first row and da middle. I can reach actors and actresses.

'Lennon' said his whole life w/ love. If u like the Beatles or John Lennon, u should check't out. I really really recommend u. At the end of da show, most audiences stood up w/ joy, of course including me.

  by tkpsu | 2005-08-30 09:06 | NY & Europe Journey

Oh My New York!! @ NY

I arrive at NY LGA at 10:05am.
I'm in New York Public Library, where I can use da lab top for limited periods, such as 15 or 30 min. Fortunately, it costs nothin'. Sounds Good. I'll be here tomrrw, too.

I'm here, da center of da world, especially economical one. It's pretty hot. Do u wanna ask Why? Cuz they have da crazy humidity like Tokyo. Just when I walked one block, I became wet, lol. All I have to do here is to keep taking smth to drink for my health. Even da first day made three bottles of water dry.

First of all, I went and saw da Statue of Liberty below da lower Manhattan. I took da public bus and subway from LGA. To my surprise, da subway was similar to that in Tokyo. It's kida noisy and sometimes smelly, lol. Da most incredible point was no air condition system every platform of every station.

I arrived at Stetan Island Ferry station in 60-min bus&train. This ferry also cost free cuz it's used as one of da public transportations, as I said before. It was a little bit far from da statue, but it's enough. Additionally, I can see both Manhattan from Stetan Island and Stetan Island from Manhattan.

After seeing da symbol of US, I walked around that area, we called 'Wall Street'. I found New York Stock Exchange(NYSE) and some popular banks: Deutche Bank and so on.

  by tkpsu | 2005-08-29 09:05 | NY & Europe Journey

Ready for Summer Journey @ PDX to Sky

I'll leave home at 6:30pm, when it's gonna be too early, they said. But I need time for check-in cuz it’s da first time for me to use PDX. I’m not sure when and where to go. I’ve never used e-ticket which makes check-in earlier and is safe in da reservation. In addition, I can choose generally da seat I’ll sit down.

My flight of United Airlines launches at 11:15pm for Chicago, first of all.

I’ll let u know about da flight later.

  by tkpsu | 2005-08-28 09:03 | NY & Europe Journey

Underground Difference.

I started packin’ my stuffs for 27-day journey. As I mentioned before, I’ll bring just one backpack. What do I need? I’ll use my guidebook, e-ticket, ESB ticket, some electric adapters, bath room set, two books and two glasses. What I noticed after trying packing was it’s gonna be a little bit heavy. I mean, it’s not easy to walk around da city w/ bringing da back pack.

What kinda souvenirs will I get? As I’ve been to Vancouver, BC, I wanna get a shot glass in every city. If I buy the shot glass of each city, I’ll have 14 from NY to Barcelona. They’ll make my back pack heavier. On the other hand, I’ll spend both shampoo and conditioner every nite. It means it’s getting lighter.

Additionally, I need to think about da space for all of the shot glasses. I think I’ll get another backpack in Paris. I’m looking forward to everything which will face me. After all, I can’t fall a sleep.

I went to Keisuke’s room to research a metro as a public transportation. It is completely different from that in Japan. I mean, a fare is up to area, we called zone. An’ then we can transfer every station every time in most of the metro. In Japan, we have to buy da exact fare from an exact station to an exact. I wanna see that difference, too.

  by tkpsu | 2005-08-27 08:22 | @Portland

ESB Is The Best.

It was too late to notice that I had better buy da ticket of Empire State Building, ESB, which is the highest bldg in NY since 9/11. Because there are too many people who wanna climp up it to look down NYC, ESB has a long line every time. If I wanna save time, I’ll get da on-line ticket in advance.

It costs $15.50- which might be not cheap, but ESB is da best place for me to see what NY is. I’ll be there shortly after arrival. Another I have to do about it is I must print da ticket out before visit. However, I have no place to do that cuz it was at 7pm, when is after Broadway was closed.

I remember that Okinori has da printer in his room. An’ then I asked him to let me use it. I bought it w/ Internet and printed it out in his room. As a result, I should look down NY next Monday nite. Before that I’m gonna get on da ferry for Stetan Island cuz I wanna see the Statue of Liberty.

The reason why I choose this way is that this ferry is free for all citizens. Manhattan has those who live in not only Manhattan but also Stetan Island as one of the places where New Yorkers are living. Thus, we need transportation to everywhere for living. I’ll be back to Manhattan after 25-min one way.

  by tkpsu | 2005-08-26 17:18 | @Portland

New Comers.

I gave Yu da call to meet each other after noon. The day before yesterday we made a promise to go to “Todai”, a buffet restaurant, in downtown. However, Yusuke’s excuse made it postponed today. I had nothin’ to eat for that. For da first time it is in three months, when it was Clint’s birth day. Birth Day Boys & Girls don’t pay any money. That’s a good idea. I wanna take a next BD boy/girl there.

Today also I was in Broadway to research my trip. In addition to da former plan, I’ll be in Rouen and Amiens. They are one-hour-train far from Paris, having several beautiful places. Talking about Rouen, I’ll be there in the last day of Eurail pass, on Sep 19th. The day will kill seriously me cuz I get on EuroNight on 18th night at 9pm from Barcelona, Spain. I’m very concerned w/ my energy left, lol.

Mayu and Koji were back to Epler. She stayed at the host family, but will start living in Epler again. Meanwhile, he has lived in Epler, but tried da home-stay for only 12 days during this vacation. Rite away, she is in Saeko’s room till she finds her room, and he is in his room.

At nite I borrowed da guide book of NY from Yusuke. All I have to do is to decide where to be in NY and Paris. That’s why I was in Yusuke’s room. As I said yesterday, his friends came here from Japan. He took them to Lloyd Center, where they bought lots of stuffs like shoes and clothes. They’ll be in Seattle this weekend. Have fun and take care.

  by tkpsu | 2005-08-25 09:14 | @Portland

Incredible Backpack.

When I was on da way to home from Broadway, I was chilling w/ Riku about my journey. I said to him that I planned to bring only nylon backpack which is so breakable that I wouldn’t bring lots of stuffs. Riku advised me that I gotta bring da sturdy backpack, and he said to me to lend his one. Gocha! But, I don’t get ready for packing, so I’m not sure how much I’ll bring stuffs, such as T-shirts, pants, shampoo, towel, etc. After all, I borrowed da backpack from Riku.

I’ve slept on the two beds: one is an air bed as a cushion, another is a mattress as a futon. I put a sheet on it. That’s it. I borrowed the air bed from Riku and the mattress from Misa. An’ then, Riku’s friend, a former TNP, Yumi will be here, according to Riku. She’ll need the air bed, and I gotta return it to him before his departure for Tokyo.

On the other hand, he gotta return a book about a job-hunting to me cuz I rent it to him before. Its book says the strategy of an interview: having your point of view, having da reason to choose da company, not memorizing what u wanna say, understanding deeply what u wanna say, and so on. Obviously, I also need to read it over and over till understanding what I wanna say in the interview.

Talking about my journey, Naples, Rome, Florence, Pisa, Empoli, Venice, Milan, Barcelona and Rouen are done, which means I decided where I’ll visit. Meanwhile, I’m not sure exactly where to be in NY and Paris. I have only three more days to think about that. Hurry up!

  by tkpsu | 2005-08-24 06:44 | @Portland

Enjoy Japan and Camp.

Riku’ll leave here for Tokyo in a few days. He’ll stay there for about 20 days, and join da camp of Whynot, my circle. In general, American people go on a trip inside US during a long vacation, I guess. However, he jumps to Japan every summer. Most Japanese in Tokyo can’t go outside Tokyo, but abroad: USA, London, France, Korea, China, and other European and Asian countries.

As I said above, the summer camp will be held. Our class, junior, can decide what they do. It’s the only right for the highest class among the circle. At the same time, it means that they have to think about how to attract the other members, sophomore and freshman. When I exaggerate this camp, it is one of the management in the society.

W/ thinking about kinda that I went home and was in Yusuke’s room. There were two girls who study abroad here and are from Osaka. One will leave here the day after tmrrw, meanwhile another will in December. Talking about such int’l students, 1,200 students go to PSU rite now. This # is huge. Waseda will aim at it as well as PSU.

When it passed 9pm, I started cookin’ curry for me, Yu, and Yusuke. The main reason is I gotta spend all of the foods in da fridge. I’ll leave here on Sunday nite, I mean I have to buy some foods for a couple days. What I wanna escape is the rotted, especially smth to drink.

  by tkpsu | 2005-08-23 14:00 | @Portland

Be Like Sportsman.

I’m pretty happy that Broadway opens cuz I wanna to print out materials/maps of Europe Journey. I made my original guide book saying schedules. It includes many details, which are cores of this trip. W/out them I can’t go through it. Since I’ll be at lots of popular places, I have to research what they have: church, park, fountain, steps, museum and world heritage.

After I stayed here for a couple of hours, I played football w/ Marcus, Shou, Riku, Rie, and Kina at PSU field. Fortunately, nobody showed up on da field, so we could play freely. For da first time it was for me since I was freshman in high school. After that next we played was mini-soccer, which lasted two hours. We were unable to watch da ball when it’s getting dark.

After we r chilling w/ each other in Riku’s room and Marcus went home, we ate three pizzas and watched “Sin City.” They were pretty delicious, killing me and making me stuffed. Talking about the film, the sandman appeared in front of me, not giving the story. As everyone said, it’s not a masterpiece.

It was at 4:15am that I was back to home. I’ll go to bet rite away.
Have a good nite and a good dream. Bye-bye.




  by tkpsu | 2005-08-22 08:52 | @Portland