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Rain Always Makes Me Depressed.

Recently, whenever I get up in the morning, I can’t see the blue sky. Portland has regularly a rainy season as well as Japan, which has in June thr July. The duration might be from October to next March, whose last one I arrived at here on. That’s why all I can see is a thick cloud. It’s not true that we have the rain all day. We have a still heavy sunshine at the noon. It’s strange enough to make it more difficult to decide which to wear clothes.

I have only ESL every Friday, like Mon and Wed. This class was pretty quiet and hard, too. What we r talking about was two strategies of education: banking and problem-pausing. It’s not easy to explain to others. That’s why we didn’t speak up yet. Banking model is the one-way education that students are depositories, while a teacher is a depositor. They can’t study what they wanna do. On the other hand, basically, problem-pausing gives them each short goals. The teacher can give students some advises from time to time. They can study what they wanna do.

Again, I can’t say which is better, as I mentioned the differences between American and Japanese before. I don’t know why we must think about such a difficult issue in class.

For the first time, I joined Focus at nite in a few months. I really enjoyed myself to speak lots of English in addition to free dinner. I’ll join next week cuz I have just 10 weeks left.

  by tkpsu | 2005-09-30 15:51 | @Portland

Entire Running-high.

All I did in Int’l Bus was to say what I wanna say. Paul, my instructor, talked about McDonald in Japan, especially when it makes the most money in one year. That is the first three days in the beginning of the year, January. I agreed on his story, shortly. I made up mind to comment the episode about my elder sister.

She worked at one of the branches as a part-time job. She left home for there January 1st, too. Her branch located in Shinjuku earned $100,000 in a day. I spoke up after raising hand to get the attention of Paul. He was really surprised at such a characteristic in Japan.

I had a pretty nice time in the early morning. I’m done today. Since I wanna know about the possible date to leave here for Japan, I visited Ari at Waseda Oregon. She replied whenever u wanna leave. My first plan was December 11th, Sunday. It’s important for the job hunting to leave as soon as possible. Another I had to think about is to decide the exact date to move in.

I went to da bar, which means it’s just only once break a week. For the first time, I enjoyed it in a few weeks. I may be looking for what I need – that is a break. However, I don’t wanna take a break until the career forum.

  by tkpsu | 2005-09-29 11:23 | @Portland

Might Be Good Or Not.

I might have skipped the second class of ESL cuz of just my sleepiness. I was there on time w/ NY Times, which is free for SBA students in PSU. But I who am not a SBA student received it everyday. It’s very useful for me, not to say. I have assignments every week about articles from newspapers. Thus I need to check some of them, especially Int’l Business.

We were talking about the strategies of reasoning in ESL. According to the article about that, there are five main points: context (background), point, organization, evidence, and cause. At the same time, it said the critical differences between American and Japanese. For instance, American speaking style is more direct than Japanese. In general, we start talking about the background – when, where, who, what, why and how – in the beginning of our speeches/narratives.

I can’t say which is much better. Moreover, Carry pointed out the differences in the lectures. Whenever they wanna say anything, American students speak up. The class is never quiet. One student has the opinion that American students are more aggressive than Japanese. I agree w/ him in the particular situation. It is here, not in Japan.

She got used to the quiet classroom. To be honest, I can’t feel here aggressive attitude to develop da class. However, that’s the answer she decided after thinking deeply, perhaps. She might realize it’s the best way for students. What I realized is the teacher is one of the most difficult/necessary jobs.

  by tkpsu | 2005-09-28 10:17 | @Portland

Morning is The Best Time to Study??

Marketing 376 was a terrible early morning class at 8am (to 9:50). I got to BA 140, a classroom, on time, which was very crowded w/ students registering it. This number reached at 90, seriously. Actually, I’m the 80 from top in the wait-list cuz, mainly, I dropped this class once w/ my mistake. That’s why I’m here. The instructor said to me that it’s pretty difficult to take it in the beginning of the class.

Paul Taylor’s class was pretty exciting and funny, which is the most essential point for students. He has been to Japan, and he can speak Japanese quite well. That’s why he talked about Japan many times in class as well as China. According to his syllabus, we have lots of assignments every week, such as a 10-question-quizze and 4-article-crimination & opinions. However, that’s gonna be very useful for me as well as those who are thinking about the job hunting.

Another class I’m taking is ECN 410 (East Asian Economic Development). It’s led by the Japanese instructor, Hiro Ito, who was Waseda student about 15 yrs ago. Does anybody ask me how his English is going? I can’t say anything about that. One TNP student said he doesn’t wanna hear dead English after my explanation.

However, I don’t care about that kinda thing. That’s because studying subjects are pretty interesting for me, which are about East Asian, such as Japan and China, Economy. That’s very curious. Moreover, I can say that it’s essential for general PSU students to study that.

  by tkpsu | 2005-09-27 10:13 | @Portland

Undergraduate and Graduate are Different.

Fall Term has come, moreover at 8:50am. It’s pretty early morning, making a couple of students late, finally. This term also includes ESL, which will be different from the last two, according to an instructor, Cary. She said that we would not use the former texts too much in this quarter. We’ll have to read a novel, whose title is Fahrenheit 451, written by Ray Bradbury.

The funniest thing is where the class room is. Here is that. I mean, my dorm, Stephen Epler Hall 106. That’s really funny. The other student taking Glen’s class could cry. All I have to do every morning is just to go downstairs. Additionally, that room is pretty good, which means there are no noise and no dirty. It’s gonna be perfect for us at the end of this quarter as well as so far, no to say.

After this nearest class, I was back to home once. A next class is ECN 444/544 Econ of Green Power at 4:40pm. Therefore I have too much time to take a nap, have lunch, or work kinda job hunting stuffs. Punctually, I attended that, which had about 30 students, including graduate students. That kinda class was the first time for me, having a team project. Talking about the instructor, she is very good. I mean it’s easy for me to listen to what she said. But, the big problem is that I have to learn the special terms in this subject, such as hydro power, or wind power.

I registered three elective classes this term. That’s illegal by the rule of Waseda Oregon, TNP. We should register up to 16 credits, including ESL, 8 cre. What I wanna say is just that I can take two more classes, which means twice four cre. I’ll take Marketing 376 Int’l Business and Econ 410 East Asian Econ tmrrw. I’ll think about that again after these two classes.


2.水曜までに、Business Cardのデザインを決める。



そんなこんなで、お腹すいたので、「cha cha cha」に行った。


  by tkpsu | 2005-09-26 03:52 | @Portland

See Boston Already.

I went to Uwajimaya, Japanese supermarket, in Beaverton in order to buy some books. I have just four weeks left before Boston Career Forum. Therefore, I wanna read anything as much as possible. I don’t care which genres that is. Actually, what I’m looking for is why Saodakeya, a booth selling clothes pole, doesn’t go bankruptcy. This book became close to one of the best seller this year.

I was there w/ Yusuke, who was the birthday boy last nite. To my fun, he was not good this morning cuz of hangover, certainly. However, he was able to come w/ me. He also bought books. Exactly speaking, one is a text of TOEIC, and another is Japan’s fashion magazine, Street Jack. Meanwhile, I got three; Opposite Glasses (Sakasa Megane) written by Takeshi Yoro, Masters of Interviews 2006 by Akihiro Nakatani, and Truth of livedoor vs. Fuji edited by Nikkei.

I don’t know exactly if I finish reading by the forum. It’s ok if I don’t finish it. I’m wondering what the purpose of this forum is for me, again. Seriously speaking, I wanna do the job hunting in Japan even if I see the green light by some companies I’m interested in. That’s because I’d really like to keep finding the best for me till I face it some day.

Anyway, I played soccer w/ him, Koji, Toshi, who is a younger brother of Koji and came here a couple of days ago, and Oki after coming home. We were talking about lots of things, such as Japan’s boxing. I wanna go back to this morning, sorry. Cuz I had my hair cut by myself. That’s all, though I have nothing funny.


中谷彰宏『面接の達人2006 問題集男子編』
日本経済新聞社『真相 ライブドア vs フジ』




  by tkpsu | 2005-09-25 07:38 | @Portland

Young is Getting Older.

I don’t wanna confirm da jet lag, but actually I might be in like that.
I took a nap at 11pm last ntie, which was for a few hours. Suddenly, I got up. I didn’t fall a sleep any more. Finally, I stayed up at late until this morning, at 7am. An’ then I went to bed.

It is at 12pm that I got up again. My fridge has nothing special, still, though I went to Safeway yesterday. I found Chinese noodle, we called Yakisoba, which is one of my favorite foods. W/ no doubt, I bought it. I remember that today has the last birthday party by TNP at 4:30pm. I got the nice idea. I’ll present it.

I started cooking them at 3. For the first time, I used a kitchen knife in 30 days. I was a little bit nervous about that. Fortunately, I finished it w/ no damage at 4:15pm. Perfect. Yusuke, who is today’s guest, a birthday boy, I didn’t know that, seriously, stayed at my room. That’s because he was waiting for da laundry, which is located in front of my room. For a while, we were talking about each vacation. Actually, he was in NY, Boston, Washington DC, and Philadelphia for two weeks and in Vancouver, Canada for a couple days.

The party started later as well as usual. Just I wanna say is this party will be the last we can enjoy together. That’s because nobody has a birthday in December, when some TNP student will leave here, including me. Thus it had the big meaning for us. Anyway, I had a nice time, talking mainly about vacation.







  by tkpsu | 2005-09-24 03:27 | @Portland

Back to Home. @ NY and PDX

The flight takes off at 11:15am and on at 6:55pm (PDX).

7:00 I checked out the hostel and got on the "E" train for Roosevelt St, where I can get da bus for LGA. Before riding metro, I bought two breads as breakfast.

7:45 I transfered da bus.

8:00 Although I made a mistale about the stop where I should get off, I arrived at da terminal in business of United Airlines.

10:35 Boading.

11:05 Departure. During flight, I watched "Screaming & Kicking" in English. It's a pretty good movie, especially for sports fans.

13:00 I arrived at Denver which has nothin' special. That's because both Denver and Chicago are the main transfer key airports for business person or those who wanna go east to west/west to east. an' then I ate Beef Teriyaki Wrap.

17:20 I got on the last flight for me to home, Portland. Never mind, though it's a little bit late.

19:00 I 'm home, but still in the airport.

20:00 Technically, I'm home.



1.就職活動 (as much as possible)
2.Fall Termを頑張る
3.TOEICの勉強 (Seriously←ちょっと点数悪かったもんで・・・。トホホ・・・。)
5.帰国後のアパートを探す (家族と相談・協力して)



  by tkpsu | 2005-09-23 09:17 | NY & Europe Journey

Dream Comes True, Almost. @ NY

I'm back to NY, successfully. Today is the last day for this trip, so I'm going shoppin' rite now. Actually, I'm in Soho area, one of the popular shopping areas in NY. Suddenly I find da apple store, where I can use the Internet.

I'm back to da shopping.

  by tkpsu | 2005-09-22 09:17 | NY & Europe Journey

A @ Paris to NY

The flight takes off at 2:30pm and on at 4:25pm (Newark).

  by tkpsu | 2005-09-21 09:17 | NY & Europe Journey