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Originally Trick or Treat.

Week 6 begun. I read the handout about Halloween that the tradition of dressing in costume has both English and Celtic roots. First of all, the citizens were afraid of the darkness. Thus, they hate winter, when the daytime is getting shorter, or the time of dark night longer. They thought that ghosts came back to the earth during festivals, too. Two things you have to do are to dress in costume like ghost and put bowls in front of houses. Whenever you go outside house, you must look like ghost, who attacks human.

When dressing in costume, what do you have to say? (that’s for only kids? I’m not sure.) “Trick or treat.” If you says that, you can get candy or cookie from each house, typically. This festival is very common, especially in Maryland. Moreover, it’s the second largest festival spending money, $6.9 B last year.

Finally, is it fitted for Japanese tradition? Actually, the largest parade was held at Kawasaki this weekend in Japan. 3,000 people dressed in costume. However, I’ve never seen dressed kids walking around town, and I’ve never done, even. It’s true that it’s the best date for grocery shoppers to sell goods and foods.

  by tkpsu | 2005-10-31 17:52 | @Portland

Discovered What I Missed.

It was at 8pm that I got into da gym. I saw 8 students on the far court. I felt that we needed another. Whenz the last time? I don’t remember that, but around the end of July. It is the first time for me to take such a long break. To be honest, I can’t bear that any more. I gotta face the fact that there are few days to stay here in this quarter.

Riku, who stayed at Broadway together, came here. We got ten. Now is the time for hoops. I really really wanna play b-ball. Actually, although we were playing on the smaller court than an official, I got pretty exhausted as well as Riku. I thought I needed to rebuild up my ability/stamina rite before next play.

As I mentioned, this term is the beginning of the year, thus the schedule of any sports is completely full. Yet, I think I can play next Sunday like tonite. I have only 5 more Sunday left before going home. I’d like to play w/ American as many times as possible before doing w/ Whynot members.


  by tkpsu | 2005-10-30 16:54 | @Portland

Own World of Actor/Actress.

c0073161_14411167.jpgFor the first time, I went to the theater to watch a movie in a couple months, since I watched the Howl’s Moving Castle. Elizabethtown is the first movie to impress me w/ a sound, specifically BGM. I really enjoyed how the background music was working, as well as its story was. I’d like to have its DVD as soon as it will be sold.

I wanna go and watch Japanese movie. Watching The Same Moon will be the first to do that in Japan. Its main actor is Yosuke Kuboduka, one of the favorite actors. His impressive movie was Go I watched by myself, lol. His acting is perfect to make all audience fallen in his territory, fan.

I’m gonna watch weekly movie from now on. By the way, another I wanna do rite before going home is to get jeans of Abercrombie & Fitch located in down town. I’ll apologize to parents for spending more money except for school fee. Mom said last week that I’d better have some souvenirs, like PSU sweat trainer and Blazers one before 42-day-later departure.


【エリザベスタウン(11・12公開予定) オフィシャルサイト ()・レビュー




  by tkpsu | 2005-10-29 12:20 | @Portland

Time for Carving.

Week 5 was over. It’s pretty fast, hun? I gotta submit the final paper of ESL a.s.a.p. Carey is waiting for only me, the last student to do that. I’m writing about the purpose of college education, focusing on college basketball players. Although it’s up to two pages long, I must summarize it well.

Another I gotta do for this class due to next Monday is keeping tracks, which is how much/how many hours I often spend time dairy. It’s the boring assignment, isn’t it? The instructor also notices that, I guess. Firstly, I must record my dairy schedule, but I didn’t do that at all, yet. I gotta do that by Monday, shit, anyway.

I joined Focus which had a Pumpkin Carving. I and Yuumi worked together to make a creative one. Actually, it’s more difficult and hard to cut it than expected. Once I started it, I didn’t stop it any more, I really cared about that my clothes would be dirty cus of pumpkin. I had the wonderful experience, obviously.

  by tkpsu | 2005-10-28 10:56 | @Portland

Enjoy Nite.

Although I was at MKTG 376 on time, I did not feel good cuz its quiz was very hard. It was the fifth of this quarter, covering each of two chapters. I think it’s the best way for both instructor and students to keep touch w/ the class: Int’l Business. Paul said in the beginning of class that we could evaluate him as a middle of term.

I picked up a piece of paper to write/comment about him. To be honest, I’ve never seen such a great teacher. I’d like him to leave class exciting and impressive. At the same time, I wish Waseda had such a wonderful class by my graduation.

Thursday night presented us a nice time at bar. We can drink beer which costs only $1, gathering lots of students and making bar crowded. I stayed there with Yusuke and Koji, who were talking about our love story, lol. What we are saying the same was that I miss Tokyo!!!

  by tkpsu | 2005-10-27 19:58 | @Portland

Value at Information.

For the first time, I attended ESL in a week. Firstly, I presented my big experience in Boston for a while. Fortunately, everybody became interested in it, giving me lots of questions. I showed a couple of pens of companied which rejected me there. We spent talking about Fahrenheit 451, must-read novel in class.

This story is kinds strange. In this world people can’t read anything, even newspapers and books. The fireman as a job has changed. It means works on avoid and fight at the fire as a firefighter rite now, meanwhile in its society it means to burn any books to inform everybody as much as possible.

The information comes only from radio or TV in such a society. Reminder!! What is information? You need to think about anything with this information from TV or books. This novel wants to show/address what an important it is to think about what you become interested in from books. In its society people forgot the meaning of such information.

  by tkpsu | 2005-10-26 18:02 | @Portland

Artists Made Us…..


For the first time, I attended classes of MKTG and ECN in a week. I submitted my paper on time. To my surprise, the today’s lecture invited two staffs from KPMG, one of the companies which joined the career forum. That’s because today’s topic was about taxation. What they are talking about was so difficult that I thought questions from students didn’t rise any more. Yet, our classmates are clever. They did discuss w/ these two staffs, absolutely.

I bought the concert ticket of Foo Fighters and Weezer, which is one of my favorite artists. Riku informed me that the day before yesterday, but his information was wrong. He thought they would come here on Thursday. When I research on the Internet if we can buy tickets, I found that this concert would be held tonight, lol. Shortly after that, I gave him the call.

The cost was $50, including the reservation fee, which was enough even if we were listening to only Weezer. He said that he would byu their new album soon.

We had the nice time to relax us, who have run fast for the career forum.

  by tkpsu | 2005-10-25 09:10 | @Portland

Highest Computer Lab.

Rite now I’m on board/on the sky. It’s first time for me to use the laptop during flight. The main reason why I’m using so far is because I gotta submit the article assignment by tmrrw morning. I’m done half of four articles from the New York Times.

Now I’m wonder if I’m using my PC when I became a salary man, who often gotta fly beyond the border for the meeting, or smth. I wanna work w/ speaking English. That’s why I chose international companies, like Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, or Morgan Stanley.

However, it could be wrong, I found. The job w/ using English has no meanings. I strongly hope that what I really wanna do were the job. It’s better if it needs some English skills/works. I’m not sure what my “real” job is, so far. But, I’m pretty interested in Money, such as banking, finance, stock, or securities. I’d like to recognize what an economy is going and will be.

  by tkpsu | 2005-10-24 14:56 | @Portland

Involve Me.

I went to three company booths: GE, Shinsei Bank, and Fujitsu. The last company was very useful for me rite away. It gave me direct critics against what I’m thinking about my future. It staff said that what I want to do was superior to any other reasons. I said “Thank you so much.” I decided to start over my job hunting.

Thru this career forum I noticed that I had to change myself, absolutely. No change makes anything. Who’s wise? It is those who can improve themselves by themselves w/ strong/big experiences. I wanna be involved.

My first job hunting was over, but it means the beginning in my mind. I’ll do my best.

  by tkpsu | 2005-10-23 02:53 | @Portland

Personality Will Remain.

I shifted my way on this forum. I joined a couple of seminars: GE, Goldman Sachs, Aeon, and Fujitsu. I would like to see as many companies as possible. At the same time, I gotta look at myself again, pretty carefully. I really need to notice who I am, and what my exact vision in my life is.

The great news of the best friend impressed me, directly and positively. I don’t escape anything. I gotta face everything difficult. I’ll just do it.

Please look forward to the 6-month-later myself.

  by tkpsu | 2005-10-22 12:18 | @Portland