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Economic is always moving.

I took a quiz of MKTG 376, which has every-week ones. It’s pretty tough. I have to get ready for scoring higher. For the first time, I spent a couple hours to read the text in three weeks. That’s why I might score better than I did in the last two weeks. I realized again that it’s crucial/needed to read carefully before the beginning of classes. Today’s quiz was unique. Its last question is about the wife of the guest speaker who talked about Oregon trade last week.

Where’s she from?
This is the last one. The answer was France although I wrote it down, successfully. It’s the first time for all students to write smth in some blanks of this quiz. It made this quiz more difficult.

While taking Econ 410, I gave some examples about Japanese economic rapid growth: Tokyo Olympic. It is one of the typical symbols as the results that Japan spent pretty good time in 1960s.

During break, I talked to the instructor about that Toyota recalls 75,000 Prius hybrids. Moreover, I gave that Korean jobless rate rises up. Its number, to 4.0 from 3.6, is the highest in four years, since April 2001.

  by tkpsu | 2005-10-13 19:22 | @Portland

Hide Title and Dream.

It’s time for this. I went to Rose Garden, presenting the exciting atmosphere. As soon as I arrived there at 10 to seven, I gave a call to Cameron, who works as a Blazers official cameraman. He doesn’t have to pay for every game – it’s free. Unfortunately, the loud noise bothered my call, so I can’t hear anything. I decided to do later.

I wish two Blazers players did well this season: Juan Dixon and Steve Blake. These two came from Maryland University in which they got the NCAA championship title in 2002, vs. Syracuse, where Carmelo Anthony, a NBA star player at Denver, played. He grew up, rapidly, on the other hand, Dixon and Blake have never had a sunshine.

I liked Maryland team at that time with pretty good balance. However, it might be the reality, which means, the difficulty to fit NBA and be accepted by it. Many players are not under the sun, although they got the same title in college. Shane Battier from Duke, playing at Memphis, got the starting member last season, fortunately. But, he was not voted in NBA All Star, the biggest dream for al NBA players. High school players are focused recently. LeBron James, playing at Cleveland, is one of the successful examples.

  by tkpsu | 2005-10-12 10:17 | @Portland

Taking a nap gives me Energy.

I was not late for MKTG 376 for which I was late last week. I’m the fifth place of the class, lol, at 7:40am. To my surprise, I found there were few students who dropped it. At the end of class, Paul announced that he would cancel the next class on Thursday. Everybody shouted in their minds rite after his saying.

I take a nap every Tue and Thu after da morning class. This is because I stay up late night to get ready for the class, like quizzes, paper. Additionally, as u know, the job hunting stuffs face me. Why don't u disappear rite away?

At the end of Econ 410, I talked w/ the instractor Ito, mainly about what's goin' on. Waz ur major? U wanna work here or in Japan? He gave me just stuff like questions. Officially, he is my "Senpai." I mean, he graduated Waseda University, whose major is law. But, he's teaching Econ!?!?, rite?
I wonder whyz that.

This class is for Senior/graduate students, typically. But, I'm taking it. U wanna ask me if it's hard? I can say NO, immediately. Cuz he talks about JPN's Econ after WW2 that I learned in Waseda for two yrs. That's why I said that.

  by tkpsu | 2005-10-11 08:26 | @Portland

Rough Is Just Rough.

Although it is a holiday in Japan, we had a class, of course. Japan has more holidays than US having Thanksgiving Day, or Independence Day, etc. That’s how US doesn’t have three-straight holiday, like Japan’s Golden Week. Never. We have no long break even in the beginning of the year, January. We will start Winter Term on January 2nd. Sounds crazy, rite?

Whenever I update the weblog, I think about what to say/write/tell. It is true that recently most themes are about the job hunting. I can’t escape it in my life. Moreover, to write it down several days is good for me, see? It’ll be funny to read them a few decades later, hun?

Only one thing I did for it is to write a rough draft of Entry Sheet of Morgan Stanley, one of the largest securities companies. I have to do that in English. In most cases I don’t have to do that, I mean, writing in Japanese is fine. Even if I must write in English, it’s gonna be just the resume. Therefore, I managed to answer the big two question:

1. describe one of the most significant personal or professional decision making challenges you have experienced, and how did this experience affect your personal / professional development?

2. What are some strengths that you would bring to Morgan Stanley that would benefit our business and your working relationships?

  by tkpsu | 2005-10-10 07:23 | @Portland

Outdoor Is Dangerous for Me.

Thinking about my condition, I didn’t get out all day long. That’s why, although I’m not sure, my red throat is getting much better. While staying here, Misa, who also is about to catch a cold and feel pain of body, visits to get medicines I brought from Japan: Ruru? or LuLu? I don’t know. Another strange I do when I get sick is to wear a muffler even indoors.

That’s why she laughed at me rite after she opened da door as well as Mom did. Since she is leaving for the field to watch soccer, I hand another to her. In terms of my idea, to leave around my neck warm is crucial. Let’s imagine you go to bed w/ a heavy comforter when you got sick. Why? That’s because you try to sweat heavily, which means that due to occur the fever, beating your sickness.

That’s the same thing. Where’s sick? – my throat, rite? Let’s warm it up by smth special – muffler. It’s pretty logical, I think. Moreover, whenever I come home, I gargle for a half minute. It, of course after washing my hands cleanly, also is a good way in order to keep my body healthy.

  by tkpsu | 2005-10-09 16:48 | @Portland

Fault is coming up.

I might have caught a cold. What a fxxk! How can I explain what’s going on? Although I have no cough, I have a sore throat, which is getting pretty red. Whenever I catch a cold, the same symptom appears. However, recently, the older I am getting, the harder it’s to have a fever. Taking medicines after every meal and drinking a lot of water which will be changed to sweats while sleeping.

I spent at Broadway as well as weekdays. Unfortunately, it’s pretty cold. I don’t know why an air conditioner is working to cool down the room. Although I wore long-sleeve shirts and a thick/heavy sweater, I felt a little bit cold. That’s why I’m close to catch a cold, I guess.

Positively thinking, it’s excellent to do that today, when I have 2 weeks by the forum. I have time to recovery it completely. When I was a junior-high school, I caught a cold shortly before the examination to enter a high school. I may be weak when I face the big pressure – Boston Career Forum 2005.




  by tkpsu | 2005-10-08 15:55 | @Portland

Energy Comes From Yourself.

For the first time, I told Carry about Boston Career Forum. Hence, I’ll be absent two classes. She accepted my situation and said it’s ok, and let her know waz going on. I might do smth in class, like announce waz the job hunting is, stuff like that. Whenever I talk about the forum to Waseda Oregon staffs, they say I can get the job, easily.

I myself can’t feel any relief to achieve. I strongly believe that those who work harder than they planned will get the good news, definitely. Another belief is that if you have time to compare w/ others, you’d better think about another answer on ES. All u have to do is to care about yourself.

I took part in FOCUS, having nice time. I met Yu-mi there in accident. After a quick dinner, I talked to her about the job hunting, mainly. This conversation might make her bored, but it’s really crucial for me rite now. Sorry about that. I’m very impressed by her spirit to wanna be a announcer. It includes she went back to Japan in spite of one if the former TNP members.

  by tkpsu | 2005-10-07 13:54 | @Portland

MKTG 376 Is The Most Exciting Class I’ve ever Taken.

As soon as I handed in a quiz of MKTG 376, I raised my hand to speak up smth important for Japan. I told Paul, a nice instructor, that Japanese gov’t would start the import of mad cows again, which means only less than 20-month old would be exported from here, US, w/out testing. He commented it’s a huge issue for both countries.

It will be this December that American beef will be traded as early as possible. However, Japanese beef-bowl franchises are concerned w/ the difficulty to clean away the bad image against American beef for two years. Yoshinoya, one of the popular shops, said that its profit would be still deficit this year. Only 16 % of two-year-ago amount will be traded to Japan. Most shops have shifted using national beef, Chinese, and Australian.

I went to SBA to correct and let me have some advices about my resume. Unfortunately,
It took little time to do that cus I’m not a SBA student. According to that adviser, I can have some comments at Career Center, where I was after that. I made an appointment to see one adviser, Chelsea, PSU graduate student. I’ll be back rite there tmrrw.

  by tkpsu | 2005-10-06 13:01 | @Portland

I applied one by one.

I have just ESL every Wednesday, as well as Monday and Friday. What we discussed is the novel, Fahrenheit 451. Some students say it’s boring, others fun. I feel it’s fun so far. It’s easy for me to imagine what’s going on now or what kind situations there is. But, I heard that it’s hard to concentrate reading and imagine those.

Simply speaking, it’s about a Fireman, who doesn’t extinguish a fire but burns unwanted books, his wife, who tried to kill herself w/ over-pills, and one girl, who had nothing to do w/ them. I just read the first 21 pages, which had only her suicide as a big incident.

All I did as job hunting is to apply Mitsubishi. I stayed in Broadway for a couple hours w/ Riku, who also did last nite. We went to Kinko’s in order to print out our business cards. Fortunately, we did more perfect that expected. We plan to hand in one each interviews/companies in Boston. I think it’s a wonderful idea.

  by tkpsu | 2005-10-05 10:30 | @Portland

Tough Schedule for this Quarter.

I might have skipped Int’l Bus, too. I got up at five after 8am, which is the beginning time for the class. Unfortunately, an article assignment paper was due today. Paul, my favorite instructor, said last Tuesday that he hated the late assignments, but loved the on-time ones. That’s why I ran fast to the room.

MKTG 376, having approximately 50 students, was pretty exciting. They comment one after another from here to there, like a blindly machine gun. Thus Paul stops them sometimes to move on the next section. He usually uses PowerPoint for the lecture. As soon as he scrolls it, everybody starts writing down new page.

The last script said “let’s go Boston (w/ Redsox’s logo).” What he added was write down it rite now. Here’s just kidding, but I realized that Japanese instructors will never catch up him, sharing us funny and nice time, in spite of the early morning.

Nobody knows that it lost the first game of AL Division Series this nite.

  by tkpsu | 2005-10-04 18:25 | @Portland