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2 times a week I can play.

My life might change a little bit to the right way. I went to da gym as if it were an entire lifestyle. There were the most players since I joined Sunday night. Yijung, Chinese friend, also joined us to have a nice time. Additionally, Shiemi and Naoko were there to just watch da game. I’m not sure if I was nervous. I couldn’t score any more than one lay-up shot.

After da time, providing totally three games, one American guy came up to me. “You wanna play Wednesday?” he said. I realized immediately that what he means was Intramural Basketball. He asked me if I wanna join them guys and play hoops together as one of the team members.

Although it was too late, it was the biggest change for me. As u know, the basketball is on of the most popular and competitive sports in the United States. I was very glad. Now I have to shift my mind to do my best in playing from be happy. I’m looking forward to playing w/ them.

At night I went to Broadway to finish up troublesome stuffs. It was 2:30am that I went home.

  by tkpsu | 2005-11-20 16:53 | @Portland

Silent Night Is There.

Christmas has come. I did find that message at the Farmers Market, the Borders book store and Slam. First, I got to the market on campus as well as last week. To my surprise, I found the Christmas wreath (I attached the picture), which is the symbol. I’m looking forward to X’mas in Japan. Just came up my mind is to decorate my room w/ it.

When I walked around, I met Panna, who also goes to the same university. She got scores of apples. After chilling w/ her, I went to Saturday Market to have Pat Thai, Thai traditional noodle. On the way to home, I looked for Christmas songs at Borders. I found a heap of CDs. I wanna take some of them before going home. Here is the second sign.

Finally, I bought Slam, one NBA magazine, whose cover is Lebron James w/ Christmas costume. The other magazines don’t go to such a way. They talks mainly about the college basketball. I’m not sure which business strategy is better, but I wanna recommend the costumed one.

For the first time, I sang a song as Karaoke at Cheerful. I was so ashamed at doing that, but I finished it up w/ poor English. Nobody cared about that cuz it’s the drinking time. I wanna try again next week, maybe.

  by tkpsu | 2005-11-19 11:34 | @Portland

American Entertainment Sports.

The young team is kind enough to me to have some signatures of NBA players. Such a team will never lose da game (v. Blazers). It is located in Oakland, California, but its name doesn’t include da name of city, but da nickname, which makes me considering as the Gold Rush. Thank you, Golden State Worriers.

Although I arrive at Rosa Garden at 5:30pm every night, it is at 6pm to enter the garden. When Detroit Pistons came here, it was at 5:30pm. I’m not sure why it’s later to go inside. First of all, the reason why I’m there early is nothing but to get the signature. Fortunately, I got five signatures tonight, I didn’t have any Detroit’s though.

It is w/ Shun that I went and watched every game, who is one TNP student, knowledgeable about sports and loves them. By the way, what I wanna do on Thanksgiving Day is just to visit his host family all day. I’m just asking him if it is possible. As he said, it’s easy. Sounds nice!!

  by tkpsu | 2005-11-18 05:20 | @Portland

Dream in the film.

I spent three-straight Thursday night at The Cheerful Tortoise, which is located on the campus. We can enjoy one-dollar beer, which makes the bar very crowded. Surprisingly, there are fewer persons tonight than usual. We did sit easily down the table. The subject while drinking is changing. The main struggle was whether Howl’s Moving Castle, one of the best movies of Hayao Miyazaki, is good or not.

I like his film, which I have watched all of them when I was little. Delivery’s KiKi, Totoro, Nausika, Princes of Mononoke, and Sprited Away, etc are awesome. Some friends, however, don’t agree that Howl is awesome, too. Their reasons are because they didn’t figure out the messages Hayao tried to say.

I think it is kinda the love story. I said to them, but they refused my idea. It is true that we have an individual idea, which can be for or against someone’s. However, I don’t wanna think that he doesn’t have any message in this film. I strongly believe that something good must be there.

  by tkpsu | 2005-11-17 09:03 | @Portland

Night is for sleeping? Or studying?

Despite the reality that I gotta finish up the mid-term paper, I went to the Rose Garden. It was no doubt. Fortunately, I got the signature of Chris Duhon, PG #21 at Chicago Bulls, who is sophomore and graduated Duke University. I knew him since he was the college player. I was happier that I not only saw him but also got his signature. Can you imagine how glad I am?

When I walked back to home after the game, where Blazers beat interestingly Bulls, the reality came up my mind. I decided to gotta study without sleeping in order to finish up my paper. It was at 10:30pm that I arrived at Broadway computer lab after half an hour break.

In fact, I didn’t sleep at all, but I didn’t finish it up. I have to add one page and half. I’d like Glen or Carey to correct my rough paper before handing in it. I’m wondering if I finish it up successfully and visit them. I’ll do my best, anyway.

I will never forget this one day, contributing to the first un-sleep night.

  by tkpsu | 2005-11-16 13:13

Anything can be dream.

How many times did I go to the theater on Tuesday? What we watched today was “Chicken Little,” one of the films of Walt Disney, such as Lion King, Beauty and Beast, etc. A friend of mine, who watched it before, said that it was not good so much. But, I like such a simple successful story.

The “Little Chicken,” a main character, who is so small that he can’t play sports, asked his dad if he tried to play baseball. Unfortunately, he rejected the dream of his son. Dad was named as MVP when he was a baseball player in the school. The physical difference was obvious, dad noticed.

I wanna stop describing the movie here. Those who wanna know the rest of its story hurry immediately up to the theater. I wanna watch again. In other words, I’ll watch it in Japan, especially in Roppongi Hills, my favorite place. With whom will I get to there? I have no idea about that.

  by tkpsu | 2005-11-15 07:58 | @Portland

Let me know if you want my stuffs.

After ESL I got the e-mail saying that one PSU student wanted some stuffs of mine, like TV, amplified speaker, and rice cooker. When I got the call from PSU student, who wants them, I thought that he was not native American, and he was a freshman cuz he needed TV and rice cooker.

After calling, we made an appointment to meet the lobby at the Epler. I was waiting for him for a while w/ handout as a mark/sign. Two big and tall guys showed up in front of me. I was so surprised that I asked them where they were from. Their reply was from Hawaii.

Speaking of Hawaiian, just came up my mind is Riku, who is the best friend and has gone a high school there. He is so tall as Japanese cuz his relatives are also Japanese. According to his talk, most Hawaiian are quite taller than Japanese. These two guys are kind enough to purchase them w/out hesitating.

Finally, I got the temporary money, $70.

  by tkpsu | 2005-11-14 06:00 | @Portland

Time to Take a Nap.

For the first time, I did the study buddy w/ Rie, one classmate of Econ 410. As I said, I have a tough mid term paper, which we worked together. It means, like help each other. The question 4 about the Asian Crisis I start working on is so difficult that we shared ideas. Although I notice that sharing idea is just a little bit aid, I can’t launch w/out it.

Moreover, I can’t study at home so much. To stay at the other places reminds me of studying hard right now! To take a break, we went to Cha Cha Cha, having Asada, which is hard to pronounce. Actually, it sounds like Casadia, which is completely different from Brito I always eat there.

We changed the studying place to the library from the Smith Memorial, where it opened at 10am. Let’s think about what’s going on after lunch. Can u study right after it? I don’t think so. In fact, I didn’t, lol. What I did there firstly is to take a nap for tens of minutes. It’s the typical studying style of mine. Whenever I wanna take a nap, I’ll get it on. I believe that it’s very helpful for spending the rest of time.

  by tkpsu | 2005-11-13 19:06 | @Portland

Running High.

I got up early at 7 in an effect to prepare for TOEIC. I planed to go w/ Yu, which was a punctual man. Since we had a little bit time by bus for Lake Oswego, we got coffee at Seattle’s Best. I didn’t like it. In other words, I did hate something bitter. As Mom loves it, I have tried some times, but I didn’t get used to it.

Individual taste is always changing. In fact, I won’t eat any sweets I ate when I was little. That’s how I came to like coffee, which I thought it as one of the grown-up food for not children, but older people than they. Two friends of mine have coffee makers at home. I come to want it in Japan, where I’ll start living by myself.

Moving back to TOEIC, to be honest, it was not easy. I found again that it’s the toughest works to score more than 900. Another friend of mine, who graduated the same high school, and goes the same department in the same university as me, got 980 a few weeks ago. It’s crazy and awesome, I know.

But, think about this: how much do u understand even Japanese? If we have a special linguistic examination, will u score the perfect? I won’t, lol. What I wanna say is just how cool he is. I wanna catch up w/ him a.s.a.p.

  by tkpsu | 2005-11-12 16:18 | @Portland

Optimistic: You Gotta Believe.

It is the last message on the screen board when the Blazers had the chance to tie up the game.

This is the second game to watch in this season. Detroit Pistons defeated Portland Trail Blazers. It is one of the favorite teams in NBA, especially which plays beautifully or perfectly. Its strategy to win is no doubt that nobody stops in any game. I love such a team, which don’t win but lose. Do u understand?

Before leaving for the Rose Garden, I went to West Hall, one on-campus dorm, to pin handouts about the moving sales. Even one in Epler was successful, so I try to spread a territory. I went to Safeway, too. I got a little bit, like milk, ham, etc. To be honest, I don’t wanna buy any more cuz leaving here in 30 days. I really care about the fridge.

Let’s kick back to the rose garden. The game was broadcasted by ESPN, one biggest sports broadcasting company tonight. I saw more TV cameras than before. Moreover, I found Bill Walton, one main caster on it, who himself was a NBA player (from Portland to Boston).

  by tkpsu | 2005-11-11 17:46 | @Portland