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Personal TV was Boring.

How happy I felt today is I have the two-day extension of a mid term paper. Firstly, the deadline was next Tuesday. The instructor gave us two more days, due to next Thursday. When he announced that in the class, everybody was so happy as well as me. I don’t know why he did, it was the most significant announcement though.

I didn’t plan to go to bar at all. However, as you know, I went there cuz of two more days. There were me, Yusuke, Shuntaro, Shiemi, and Asuka. It was the first time to drink w/ some of them. It was very nice time cuz I got drunk(?). I don’t know. Anyway, I went comfortably to bed. I mean, my memory has gone shortly after going to bed.

What I thought in the bar is just how fun here is. In other words, it’s very interesting to drink w/ my eyes on sports TV. In fact, I’ve never been in such a situation in Japan. I thought it’s the best to watch sports at home, sometimes by myself. Here were not only friends, but other sports lovers who have the same spirit as me: Sports help the world. Stuff like that,lol.

  by tkpsu | 2005-11-10 17:12 | @Portland

Spending time for Mid.

I tried to play b-ball tonight, but I can’t. Unfortunately, there are some games as intramural sports. Only registered player can stand on the court. All I did is to just watch a game for a while. I’ve seen most of the players on the court before. In the spring term I often join some of them at the gym to play hoops.

I felt that they were on the top of PSU, which is not famous for sports so much, expect for students of athletic department. I was a little bit depressed, but they are superior to Japanese players, still. One of them came Sunday night, too, who were very kind to me. In fact, he is very good, have the quickness, and the stable ability to shoot. I might face lots of must-learn technique I don’t have and should steal.

I went to the library shortly after going home once. The mid term exam has come. Interestingly, it’s not a general one, but take-home paper that I can take it home to think about it, deeply (hopely). I gotta answer 4 out of 6 hard questions about East Asian Economy. I won’t sleep well this weekend, anyway.

  by tkpsu | 2005-11-09 04:46 | @Portland

Shop could be the place to meet someone.

It’s the first time for me to takes much time to speaking informally in English even in a room. In these days I met one American guy, Spenser, from Denver, Colorado. My first purpose to get his room is to help my vocabulary assignment. After that we talked about from Kanji to an environment issue, the summer journey and slung. He was much cooler than I thought. I’ll try to talk together as much as possible.

I watched Shopgirl, which is showed in downtown. It’s about love which to choose either young or old, simply speaking. Main themes are that what you are looking for, what you are waiting for, and whom you are falling in love with, I thought. Focusing on how good this movie is, by the way, it was very questionable.

What does her Mom mean? Where is that? What her friend wanna do? That’s kinda stuffs. I thought some sense might be cut off. This movie doesn’t make sense. It’s not gonna be played in Japan. I just think so. So I’m not sure if it is.

Anyway, only words I remember is that I thought you understood. It’s how deep it means, doesn’t it? Let’s go to the theater, especially for those who are really wondering about that.


  by tkpsu | 2005-11-08 17:27 | @Portland

In Terms of my Assignment.

It’s at 5 to twelve that I arrived at the library to print my assignment out. I’d like to introduce one of them about the int’l business. One article from the New York Times said that Toshiba, which has tried to make HD-DVD standard as a main stream, took a risk to choose the Chinese market.

In contrast, Sony and the Blu-ray group, including Hollywood companies, Panasonic and one American largest retailer Best Buy, licensed their technology. That made it more difficult to sell cheaper, especially made by Chinese products. They sought not the cheaper price but the quality.

Tow of China’s largest made-to-order DVD makers, Amoi and JiangKui, said that they would start using Toshiba’s HD-DVD format. Therefore it will invite the Chinese to drive down prices, although it’s gonna be risky.

Who’s gonna be a winner at this case? Sony, which lost the Betamax machines, or Toshiba? Nobody knows. But the answer is much closer today.

Let’s go back to talk about my life a little bit. I attended ESL on time, of course, having the quiz. That’s all.lol.

  by tkpsu | 2005-11-07 17:00 | @Portland

Making me tougher.

Only joy I expect every Sunday night is to play hoops in da gym, which is fuller than Spring Term. Thus, it’s getting difficult to play it. Unfortunately, everybody has classes next day, and also time is too late, from 7 pm. There were up to 6 players, including me. We played “21”, firstly. Do u guys know it? After it we did “3 on 3.”

I’m gonna explain what “21” is, briefly. We gotta fight individually each other. In other words, there are on companions. Who’s a winner? It is the first player to reach 21 points. That’s why we call it “21.” Whaz the diference b/w here and Japan? That’s how to count points. In the int’l rule, we have either three or two by one shot as a field goal. On the other hand, the American street rule is only either two or one.

Whyz that? One reason is the size of court of NCAA, which is a little bit smaller than the regular int’l one. The other is the technique to shoot, which is much better than I expected. The last one is the play time, which will be better if you can take much more time to play.

I’d like to play b-ball next Sunday, too.

  by tkpsu | 2005-11-06 08:41 | @Portland

In the Car.

I got up at 8am morning, successfully, I went to bet at 2:30am, though. We met in front of Ondine, one of the on-campus dorm, to go to the Verboort Sausage Festival. Fortunately, Dr. Wollner and Dr. Kominz, teaching at PSU, drove us to there as well as Glen. 12 of us joined it.

Only surprised me is Glend’s kid, Liam, who sits on the child seat on backward. When we met him for the firs time, he was very ashamed and didn’t wanna say anything by himself. Sounds cute, hun? Actually, looks pretty cute. Fortunately, I sat next to him in a Glen’s car. We are playing with toy, like so-called Lego, making us much closer while driving.

Liam, 5, wanted to play w/ me even after getting off. He would never feel shame to us. We ate lots of sausages indoor, where was the most comfortable place for the cold and heavy rain outside. I ate five, while Liam did 3 even thinking of his age. Keita, one of the TNP students, broke the record of 14 last year by eating 16 sausages.

I got on the same car as I did. I kept playing w/ him. He really loves Star Wars, I think, more than me. I sang a theme song of Darthvader w/ swinging some pieces of Lego. Finally, he remembers it and tries to remember my name, I said once while eating sausages though. I wanna see him again before my departure. Thank you, Liam.

  by tkpsu | 2005-11-05 22:40 | @Portland

Life is Flexible.

I talked about my strategy of the job hunting during the presentation about keeping track. To be honest, I didn’t prepare for it so much, making it more difficult for audience to understand what I wanna say. Only I wanted to tell them was to shift what is the most significant every time.

First of all, specifically speaking, right before the career forum in Boston, I focused on thinking about myself, like 80 percent of my brain. Now researching companies occupies mainly it. That’s the big shift, but it’s normal for people. For instance, some students think the time w/ friends is the most important, others think that w/ their family, especially here, is so.

What I wanna say thru this presentation, in general, is that an individual idea is very flexible. It is normal and general that you change your mind whenever you need. As a result, you will change spending more or less time in your dairy life. However, you should think about what to do next every time everywhere.

  by tkpsu | 2005-11-04 05:37 | @Portland

Life is Flexible.

I did present about my dairy life, especially how my focus is shifting. As you guys know, I’m seriously doing the job hunting. Only I have the biggest difference from Japanese guys is to have much time: time to think about myself, research companies and discuss with friends. However, which sector is the most significant is shifting, depending on your idea.

In fact, my mind was shifting to researching as many companies as possible, from thinking about myself, right after the career forum in Boston. I figured out that it is possible to find what I wanna do in the future by researching them. To be honest, I’m not sure what I wanna do and be, so far.

My elder sister told me that if you can’t find it, you’d better research what companies are exactly doing thru theirs open seminars and websites. What I wanna say in this presentation is that your idea can change whenever you need. In other words, your brain is very flexible. You’d better shift your idea in order to be honest.

  by tkpsu | 2005-11-04 05:37 | @Portland

Learning Something New.

The rain doesn’t wanna stop running for at least 30 days. In the reality, I have just one day w/out shower. For all of students from Japan it should be the first time to experience such a terrible day, making everybody sad, as well as native Oregonians. Talking about the temperature, it’s too cold to get up early, a little bit. In fact, that in Tokyo is up to 20 centigrade, meanwhile that in Portland is around 10℃.

I felt too cold as soon as I arrived at the airport this March. But the 7-month-stay made me got used to such a temperature. It is scary, isn’t it? For instance, the Iraq War has occurred for a few years. Though even all Americans strongly disagree on it, we have fewer opportunities to watch it on TV right now. This situation could be normal for us over the world. Hence, I don’t wanna get used to anything.

I try to look for and feel anything new everyday. New I found today is the marketing price on the Internet auction. According to my instructor of Econ 410, who bought the lap top of Dell on its net auction, the bet price you made will reach at the marketing price even if it is much more expensive than that you made a bet. He felt that the economics worked well for the first time since he has studied it.

Unfortunately, his lap top was broken five weeks later, which are longer by one week than the return guaranteed weeks, four weeks long. After that he’s never made a bet. What I felt is that it’s the first time and the last time for him that economics works well.

It is fun to live with thinking about anything new or you don’t know.

  by tkpsu | 2005-11-03 18:28 | @Portland

I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Phil Jackson came back to Los Angels Lakers, which did get the successful opener of 05-06 season by Kobe’s jumper in 0.6 seconds left of an over time. He has a long history as HC of not only Lakers but Chicago Bulls, where Michael Jordan got 6 champion rings under Jackson. Also, He led LAL to get the three-straight rings from 00 to 02.

Last season LAL without Phil, whose winning average of playoff is the highest, over 70%, was the 2nd non-playoff team in its history, 29 seasons. Kobe, a lonely ace, could be very frustrated. The new Lakers was born by Phil’s hand, of course. Most media said before opening the season that although LAL would pass forward the playoff, it wouldn’t be the champion because of age.

Comparing with the 2-year-ago starting members, all of them were changed, except for a lonely shooter. According to some articles, it’ll be difficult that the new and young team can’t understand Phil’s special offence strategy, so-called triangle offence, which was very useful for MJ, former Kobe and Shaq.

I’m looking forward to Lakers’ back. I couldn’t believe my eyes, having a dramatic game tonight. Nobody knows who a new champion will be.


  by tkpsu | 2005-11-02 17:00 | @Portland